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Guided Tours


Explore the museum's collection with a guided tour, interactive experience, or auditorium lecture.
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Led by engaging, knowledgeable educators,* tours can be tailored to your group’s interests. You might select a theme that allows you to see artworks all around the museum or choose to explore one area of the collection in depth. 

*They really are amazing! They are artists, art historians, and other experienced, flexible, and creative professionals who love to share the museum with visitors.

Tour Options

Browse the tours below to find the right experience for you and your group.

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  • Highlights of the Art Institute

    Take a spin through the collections and discover works that have delighted visitors from around the world for over a century. (This is our most requested option.)

  • American Art

    Discover how artists have expressed the many aspects of the American experience through the rich variety of this collection. This tour might include the work of artists like Paul Revere, Winslow Homer, and Georgia O’Keeffe, or follow the path of immigrant craftsmen as they created designs for everyday life.

  • Chicago Stories

    Known for its architecture, industry, and creative culture, get to know Chicago and its history through the stories of the people who made it what writer Nelson Algren called a “City on the Make.”

  • Drawing Tours

    Basic materials are provided in this hands-on drawing tour of the museum. Engage with artwork in new ways as an educator leads the group through exercises designed to help you look closely, connect creatively, and take some risks.

  • The Foodie’s Tour

    Sample a visual array of flavors from medieval feasts to the American Thanksgiving table. This tour explores how traditions of eating and drinking can communicate cultural values around the globe.

  • Impressionism: Monet, Degas, Renoir, and More

    Plunge into the color and excitement of late 19th-century life as your group views one of the most admired collections of French Impressionism in the world.

  • Innovators and Renegades

    Explore the ways that artists developed their craft, pushed boundaries, and made creative leaps forward in artistic technique, materials, and expression.

  • Mindfulness Tours

    Slow down and take in just a few artworks. This experience includes guided meditation exercises and close, mindful looking exercises to allow participants to be contemplative, collaborative, and present with all of their senses.

  • Modern Wing Highlights: Modern and Contemporary Art

    Visit our stunning Renzo Piano–designed addition to take a focused look at the work of Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell, Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, and other giants of the 20th and 21st centuries.

  • Underdogs and Hidden Histories

    Hear compelling stories about artists and artworks that may be overlooked or underappreciated for one reason or another. These could be very small works, quiet or subtle works, out-of-the way objects, or works by lesser-known artists.



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