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Closed today, next open Thursday. Closed today, next open Thursday.
Detail image of knight in black armor, 1933.786 Detail image of knight in black armor, 1933.786

College and University Groups


Please note that group tours for college and university students are currently unavailable.

University groups who are interested in visiting and conducting their own self-guided tour should purchase the appropriate number and type (student, senior, adult) of tickets online in advance of your visit. Please note that only 30 tickets can be purchased in one transaction. Multiple orders may be needed to accommodate the entirety of your group.

Before your visit, we encourage you to review our visitor information page for details about museum hours, checkroom policies, and what to expect. Keep in mind that bags and backpacks larger than 13 x 17 x 4 inches are not allowed in the galleries, and we are unable to check food, beverages, and flowers.

For group entry, we recommend the Modern Wing entrance (159 E Monroe St) as it allows for curbside drop off and is located directly across from the Millennium Park Garage. If your group is more than 20 people, please consider splitting into smaller groups to enter so that we can best accommodate your group. Physical distancing is encouraged in our public spaces, especially in lines and restrooms. If a group needs to gather, we recommend doing so outside of the building before or after your visit.

For your self-guided tour, consider browsing our online highlights like What to See in an Hour, Impressionism, and the Thorne Miniature Rooms. Or download our free app, available at the App Store or Google Play, and choose from a variety of tour options or key in a particular artwork. Just be sure to bring your headphones to listen while you’re at the museum.

We also invite you to learn more about our University Partners program, which offers free admission to all undergraduate students plus two exclusive University Nights each year.


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