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Member Lecture: Salvador Dalí—The Image Disappears | February 18, 2023

Side-by-side images: The left image is Dalí's painting "A Chemist Lifting with Extreme Precaution the Cuticle of a Grand Piano," featuring a man lifting a white grand piano in a desers like it's fabric. A boy watches. An old man in the foreground sits and looks past next to a man in a bowler hat laying on his side reading the news. On the right, a flower-faced woman in an orange dress looks forward. In the distance, there's a woman in white. The image at right is Dalís painting "Three Young Surrealist Women Holding in Their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra," in which three women with bouquets for faces stand in a desert canyon. One holds a deflated piano by its corner. One waves. Another drapes a limp cello over her forearms.

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