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2018.122 Table

Table, about 1880

Attributed to A. & H. Lejambre (American, active 1865–1907)
Rosewood, rosewood veneer, and walnut paint-grained rosewood with brass
70.8 x 93 x 49.9 cm
Restricted gift of the Antiquarian Society

Today’s Antiquarian Society (renamed in 1894) was founded in 1877, as the Chicago Society of Decorative Arts.  At the invitation of Charles L. Hutchinson, the first president of the Art Institute of Chicago, our founding members became a significant force in the creation of the Art Institute’s early collection. Throughout its 144-year history, The Antiquarian Society proudly continues its legacy and tradition of gifting significant acquisitions for the departments of Applied Arts of Europe and Arts of the Americas, while also fostering and promoting educational activities in the decorative arts for its members.

A Selection of Acquisitions Supported by the Antiquarian Society

Jean-Claude Duplessis

Mounts attributed to Jean-Claude Duplessis (French, about 1695-1774) made in China (probably Jingdezhen) and Paris. Hard paste procelain and gilt bronze.
Height: 14 in.; Width: 12 3/4 in.
Purchased with funds provided by the Antiquarian Society. The Antiquarians recently supplied funding for the purchase of this extraordinary pair of bronze-mounted Chinese porcelain vases by Applied Arts of Europe. The pair is among the finest examples of ormolu-mounted porcelain in an American museum, distinguished by outstanding quality and provenance.

Tiffany Studios (Firm)

Design attributed to Agnes F. Northrop (American, 1857–1953), Tiffany Studios
(American, 1902–32), Hartwell Memorial Window, 1917, Corona, New York. Leaded glass (701 ✕ 487.7 cm (276 ✕ 192 in.). Restricted gift of the Antiquarian Society, the Chauncey and Marion Deering McCormick Family Foundation, and Ann and Samuel M. Mencoff; through prior gift of the George F. Harding Collection; Roger and J. Peter McCormick Endowment Fund; American Art Sales Proceeds, Discretionary, and Purchase funds; Jane and Morris Weeden and Mary Swissler Oldberg funds; restricted gift of the Davee Foundation, Pamela R. Conant in memory of Louis John Conant, Stephanie Field Harris, the Komarek-Hyde-Soskin Foundation, and Jane Woldenberg; gifts in memory of John H. Bryan, Jr.; Wesley M. Dixon, Jr. Endowment Fund; through prior gift of the Friends of American Art Collection and Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Ryerson; restricted gift of Jamee J. and Marshall Field, Roxelyn and Richard Pepper, and an anonymous donor; Goodman Endowment Fund; restricted gift of Abbie Helene Roth in memory of Sandra Gladstone Roth, Henry and Gilda Buchbinder Family in memory of John H. Bryan, Jr., Suzanne Hammond and Richard Leftwich, Maureen Tokar in memory of Edward Tokar, Bonnie and Frank X. Henke, III, Erica Meyer, Joseph P. Gromacki in memory of John H. Bryan, Jr., Louise Ingersoll Tausché, Christopher and Sara Pfaff, Charles L. and Patricia A. Swisher, Abby and Don Funk, Kim and Andy Stephens, and Dorothy J. Vance; B. F. Ferguson Fund; Jay W. McGreevy, Dr. Julian Archie, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Puth, and Kate S. Buckingham endowment funds.

D.R. Gastecloux

Denis Rene Gastecloux (French, active mid-18th century), Table Centerpiece, 1768, London. Gilt bronze; 30.5 x 43.5 x 24.5 cm (12 x 17 x 9 ¾ in.). The Antiquarian Society, Richard T. Crane, Jr. Memorial Fund, European Decorative Arts Purchase funds, Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Marks, Florence L. Notter.

Johann Joachim Kändler

Modeled by Johann Joachim Kändler, (German, 1706-1775), Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, King Vulture, 1734.  Hard-paste porcelain, polychrome enamels; 58 x 43 cm (22.8 x 16.9).  Harry and Maribel G. Blum Endowment Fund, Restricted gift of the Antiquarian Society, Kate S. Buckingham Fund, Charles H. and Mary F. Worcester Collection Fund, Auction Sales Proceeds Fund, Centennial Major Acquisitions Income Fund, Robert Allerton Trust, The Mary and Leigh Block Endowment Fund, Ada Turnbull Hertle Fund, Purchased with funds provided by Harry A. Root, Wirt D. Walker Trust, Gladys N. Anderson Fund, Pauline Seipp Armstrong Fund, Edward E. Ayer Fund in Memory of Charles L. Hutchinson, European Decorative Arts Krehbiel Fund, Restricted gift of Mr. and Mrs. Stanford Marks, Helen A. Regenstein Endowment, Samuel A. Marx Purchase Fund for Major Acquisitions, Laura T. Magnuson Acquisition Fund, The Marian and Samuel Klasstorner Fund, Maurice D. Galleher Endowment, Robert Allerton Purchase Fund, Bessie Bennett Fund, European Decorative Arts General fund, Edward Johnson Fund, Elizabeth R. Vaughn Fund, Annette Mathby Chapin Fund, Wentworth Greene Field Memorial Fund, Director's Fund, Restricted gift of the Edward Byron Smith, Jr. Family Foundation, Samuel P. Avery Fund, Hugh Leander and Mary Trumbull Adams Memorial Endowment, Restricted gift of the G-Bar Charitable Foundation, Betty Bell Spooner Fund, Restricted gift of Elizabeth Souder Louis, Irving and June Seaman Endowment Fund, Charles U. Harris Endowed Acquisition Fund, S. DeWitt Clough Fund, Restricted gift of the Woman's Board of the Alliance Francaise of Chicago, Grant J. Pick Purchase Fund, Restricted gift of Ghenete Zelleke.

Elie Nadelman

Elie Nadelman (American, born Poland, 1882–1946), Female Dancer, c. 1920
Bronze; 82.6 × 43.2 × 19.1 cm (32 1/2 × 17 × 7 1/2 in.) (without base).
Through prior gift of the Mary and Earle Ludgin Collection; restricted gift of the Antiquarian Society; through prior gifts of Albert A. Robin, the Estate of Felicia Mayer Marsh, the Friends of American Art Collection; through prior purchase of Dr. A.J. Ochsner, Mrs. Margaret Cook, J.N. Eisendrath, Dr. W.H. Allport, Mrs. T.A. Shaw, Miss Bertha Randolph, Mrs. Pauline Dohn Rudolph, and the B.F. Ferguson Fund; The Kate S. Buckingham Fund; through prior purchase of the Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Logan Purchase Prize Fund; restricted gift of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Mencoff; through prior gifts of the George F. Harding Collection, Edgar Kaufmann Jr., and Mary and Leigh B. Block; through prior bequest of Dr. John J. Ireland; restricted gift of Jamee J. and Marshall Field; through prior purchase from the Roger McCormick Fund; through prior gifts of Yvonne and Richard Angarola, Miss Gertrude Finch, Mrs. Ignatius Jelinski, the Charles H. & Mary F. S. Worcester Collection, the Walter H. Schulze Memorial Collection, and Donn Shapiro; Jane and Morris Weeden Fund; through prior gifts of the Society for Contemporary American Art and Mr. Sam A. Lewisohn; through prior purchase of the Charles S. Peterson Purchase Prize Fund; through prior gift of the Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Nickerson Collection; Vance American Arts Fund; through prior gifts of the estates of Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch and Marie F. Lennards; through prior purchase of the Samuel P. Avery Fund; through prior gifts of Joseph R. Shapiro, Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Dewey Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Ryerson Collection, Evelyn Padorr and Helene Segil in memory of Sarah and George Ehrlich, Honoré Palmer, Alexander Bing, Chicago Normal School Alumni, Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge, Leonard Florsheim, Mrs. Abram Poole, and Mrs. Maurice L. Rothschild; through prior purchase of the A.A. McKay Fund.

Viktor Schreckengost

Viktor Schreckengost (American, 1906–2008), Made for Cowan Pottery Studio (Rocky River, Ohio, 1913-1931), Jazz Bowl, c. 1931. Glazed earthenware, engobe; 23.5 × 42.6 × 43.2 cm (9 1/4 in. × 16 3/4 × 17 in.). Through prior acquisition of the Antiquarian Society; Thorne Rooms exhibition Fund; Bequest of Elizabeth R. Vaughan; and the Winfield Foundation.


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