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Press Releases from 1947


Press releases from 1947

To obtain the full text of any news releases in this index, please contact the Archives at or (312) 443-4777.

January 16, 1947

Portrait of a Venetian noblewoman by Paolo Veronese, from Chester Dale Collection, exhibited at AIC Grand Staircase 106

Outstanding attendance record for 1946, including report on numbers of visitors to major exhibitions: Masterpieces of English Painting: Hogarth, Constable, Turner; Marc Chagall Exhibition; George Bellows Retrospective; Chicago Tribune Sponsored Show of Chicagoland Prize Homes Competition, and displays in Thorne Rooms and Prints and Drawings Gallery 107

January 27, 1947

Modern Illustrated Books: A Collection in the Making, exhibition of books, illustrated by Rouault, Picasso, and Matisse, and purchased as memorial to Lt. Col. A. Peter Dewey and Kay Goodman King; coordinated by curator of Prints and Drawings Carl O. Schniewind, works on view 108

January 30, 1947

Antique Oriental Rugs, exhibition, organized by curator of Oriental Art Charles Fabens Kelley and lent by major American museums, galleries and collectors, including John D. Rockefeller, Jr., J. Paul Getty, J. V. McMillan, A. U Dilley, Marshall Field’s and Co., Sarkis H. Nahigian, and Pushman Bros.; rug making demonstration, exhibition notes, catalogue 109-110

February 19, 1947

Room of Chicago Art: Water Colors by Charles L. Schucker and Earl C. Gross, exhibition; biography notes 111

March 6, 1947

Charles H. and Mary F. S. Worcester Collection, gift to AIC; selection of paintings shown in Room of Recent Additions; announcement and comments by AIC President Chauncey McCormick; notes on collecting and list of works presented to AIC 112-114

[March 1947]

Henri Moore, exhibition organized in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art, New York; sculptures shown in special installation, including Moore’s Shelter series of drawings 115, 119-120

March 21, 1947

War’s Toll of Italian Art, exhibition of photographs and restored art fragments, organized by American Committee for Restoration of Italian Monuments in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum, New York; statement by the Committee; exhibition comments and notes 116

March 26, 1947

UNESCO art programs meeting, held at AIC and addressed to the artists of Chicago by AIC Director Daniel Catton Rich and H. Harvard Arnason of the University of Chicago, both participating in US National Committee for UNESCO; meeting, coordinated by Chairman of Educational Committee for Artists League of the Midwest Freeman Schoolcraft 117

March 27, 1947

Room of Chicago Art: Paintings by Martyl and Joyce Wahl Treiman, exhibition; biography notes 118

April 4, 1947

Henri Moore, exhibition organized in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art, New York; notes on Moor’s air ride shelter sketch books; installation by Daniel Brenner 115, 119-120

April 17, 1947

51st Annual Exhibition by Artists of Chicago and Vicinity: jury comprised of Albert Christ-Janer, Philip Guston, Mauricio Lasansky, and John Rood, biography notes 121

April 25, 1947

SAIC Annual Fashion Show of student works, done in Dress Design classes of Cornelia Stekl and Edward Evans; show hosted by merchandising counselor Kay Ratto 122

May 2, 1947

Prints by Mauricio Lasansky and His Students, exhibition of Iowa University Print Group; comments by AIC curator of Prints and Drawings Carl O. Schniewind 123

May 10, 1947

7th Annual Exhibition of the Society for Contemporary American Art; artists included Alexander Archipenko, Alexander Calder, Joseph Albers, George Grosz, Harold Haydon, Laura van Pappeledam, Koren der Harootian, Robert B. Howard, Sylvia Shaw Judson, Marion Perkins, Maud Phelps Hutchins, Raymond Breinin, A. Raymond Katz, Felix Ruvolo, Kenneth Shopen, Vicci Sperry, Joyce Treiman, Eugene Berman, Karl Knats, Kurt Seligman, and Karl Zerbe; member’s preview and annual meeting, list of officers 124

May 12, 1947

66th Annual Meeting of AIC Governing Members, featuring preview of Winterbotham collection; the Winterbotham family attending luncheon meeting; comments on AIC collection development and works acquired according to the Winterbotham plan 125-126

May 26, 1947

SAIC Foreign Travel Fellowships, awarded to Eldon Danhausen, Joan Mitchell, Thomas A. Guba, Jo Ann Hambrick, list with biography notes 127

June 4, 1947

51st Annual Exhibition by Artists of Chicago and Vicinity; list of winners with biography notes, Mitchell Siporin, Galya Pillin, Lester O. Schwartz, Aaron Bohrod, Felix Ruvolo, Joan Mitchell, Frank Vavruska, Stanley Mitruk, Egon Weiner, Sylvia Shaw Judson, John E. Stewart, George Buehr, Ellen Lanyon, Eleanor Coen, and Miyoko Ito 128-130

June 9, 1947

67th Commencement exercises for SAIC, hosted by AIC President Chauncey McCormick and SAIC Dean Hubert Ropp; featuring lecture on scenic design, given by Lee Simonson; Invocation and Benediction by Rev. Robert Bowman Stewart of Wheaton, IL, 131

June 19, 1947

Room of Chicago Art: Freeman Schoolcraft and Samuel Greenburg, exhibition, biography notes; Mr. Schoolcraft, disciple of Lorado Taft 132

June 22, 1947

Gallery of Art Interpretation: Explaining Abstract Art, exhibition, conceived by curator of the Gallery Katharine Kuh in collaboration with SAIC instructor Kathleen Blackshear; description of installation 133

June 30, 1947

Recent Acquisitions: Prints and Drawings, exhibition in tree galleries showing modern European prints including German expressionist prints from the collections of Mrs. William A. Nitze and Mr. Henry Regnery; the Tiepolos’ Etchings; Frank B. Hubachek Collection, gift to AIC 134

August 28, 1947

SAIC Annual Exhibition of Industrial Design Department; 1946-47 enrollment and statistics 135

September 9, 1947

Society for Contemporary American Art: Moholy-Nagy Memorial Exhibition; biography note, Moholy-Nagy in Chicago; works on view, catalogue by AIC Curators Carl O. Schniewind and Katharine Kuh 137

September 18, 1947

58th Annual American Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture: Abstract and Surrealist Work, selected and organized by AIC curators Frederick Sweet and Katharine Kuh; notes on exhibition; jury comprised of Alfred Barr of Metropolitan Museum, Gyorgy Kepes, and Henry R. Hope of Indiana State University 138, 141-143

October 7, 1947

Two Cities: Planning in North and South America, exhibition of photographs, wall charts, architectural models and drawings, introducing the slum clearance program for Chicago and Rio de Janeiro; venue in The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y., 139

October 24, 1947

Room of Chicago Art: Paintings by Flora Schofield and Eileen Mehigan, exhibition; biography notes 140

November 5, 1947

58th Annual American Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture: Abstract and Surrealist Work, selected and organized by AIC curators Frederick Sweet and Katharine Kuh; list of prize-winners with biography notes, Rico Lebrun, William Baziotes, Eugene Berman, Keith Martin, Alexander Calder, Theodore Rozak, Attillio Salemme, Boris Margo, Morris Graves, Harry Bertoia, Serge Chermayeff, Richard Koppe, and Harry C. Fockler 138, 141-143

November 24, 1947

Prints and Drawings Department, showing three exhibitions: Photographs by Walker Evans; Graphic Circle of Boris Margo, Raymond Jordan, Kurt Seligman, Julio de Diego, Louis Schanker, Josef Albers, Adolph Gottlieb, Werner Drews, and Joseph Scharl; Japanese Primitives Exhibition 144

December 8, 1947

Room of Chicago Art: Paintings and Sculpture by John Fabion and Abbott Pattison, exhibition; biography notes, SAIC Faculty members 145


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