Press Releases from 1982


Press releases from 1982

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February 4, 1982

Edward H. Bennett, Architect and City Planner: 1874-1954, exhibition coordinated by John Zukowsky and guest curator Joan Draper; acquisition of the architect's archive; catalogue 1-2

Art Today, lecture series featuring New York mural painter Richard Haas, art historian Sam Hunter, and artist Joseph Raphael 3

February 16, 1982

The School Show, exhibition in Morton Wing, catalogue by SAIC director Donald J. Irving, SAIC professor Richard Loving, and SAIC director of Publications Mary Davis 4-5

February 22, 1982

Liona Boyd and Nicholas Pennell, classical guitar performance, Cultural Affairs Office of Canadian Consulate General of Chicago 6

February 23, 1982

Before Photography, exhibition from The Museum of Modern Art, N. Y., guest curator Peter Gallassy; AIC showing coordinated by AIC curators David Travis and Richard Brettell; exhibition venues and catalogue 7-8

March 11, 1982

Adventures in Sight and Sound, music and dance performance series funded by McDonald's Corporation 9

March 18, 1982

The Department of Photography, new galleries and facilities in the ground floor of Allerton Building; Skidmore, Owings and Merril design; construction funding: Mr. and Mrs. Leigh B Block, Woods Charitable Fund, Kresge Foundation, Robert McCormick Fund; Photography Department history, Alfred Stieglitz Collection donated by Georgia O'Keeffe; A History of Photography from Chicago Collections, exhibition for gallery opening, catalogue 11-12, 14-15, 31-32

March 29, 1982

European Carpets from Permanent Collection, curator of Textile Department Christa C. M. Thurman 13

April 6, 1982

The Department of Photography, new galleries and facilities in the ground floor of Allerton Building; opening reception, lectures and panel discussions, Potpourri programs; preview of exhibition titled The Work of Atget: Old France 11-12, 14-15, 31-32

April 8, 1982

A History of Photography from Chicago Collections, exhibition from private collections of Arnold H. Crane, Reva and David Logan, Temmie and Arnold Gilbert, David Ruttenberg, Richard Sandor, and Exchange National Bank of Chicago 10-12, 16

April 13, 1982

Worcester Blue and White Porcelain, lecture by Henry Sandon of Dyson Perrins Museum in Worcester, England 17

April 19 1982

The Mann Collection of Japanese Prints (Chicago), exhibition curated by Jack V. Sewell and Osamu Ueda of Oriental Art Department 19

April 23 1982

Drawings from Helen Regenstein Collection, memorial exhibition in honor of Mrs. Joseph Regenstein; curator of Prints and Drawings Department Harold Joachim 20-21

April 29, 1982

The Vatican Collections: The Papacy and Art, US tour exhibition; AIC installation; Vatican State Archbishop Paul C. Marcinkus, Director of The Metropolitan Museum Philippe de Montebello, Director of AIC James N. Wood, and Archbishop of Chicago John Cardinal Cody, catalogue 22-25, 43-44

May 4, 1982

The George F. Harding Museum, agreement on transferring collection and assets to AIC; Chairman of The Board of AIC Arthur W. Schultz and President of The Harding Museum Herman M. Silverstein; comments by AIC Director James N. Wood and AIC President E. Laurence Chalmers, Jr.; The Harding Museum history and collection; George F. Harding Fund and Advisory Committee 26-28

May 10, 1982

74th American Exhibition, curators James Speyer and Anne Rorimer of 20th Century Art Department, catalogue 29-30, 33, 35-36

May 17, 1982

The Work of Atget: Old France, exhibition from The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y., as part of Springs Industries Series on the Art of Photography; Berenice Abbot archive of Atget's prints and negatives; exhibition venues and catalogue 15, 31-32

June 4, 1982

Art Today, lecture series by John Holabird, Jr., and Franz Schulze; Documenta 7 and the 74th American Exhibition 33-34

June 8, 1982

74th American Exhibition, prize winners 29-30, 35-36

June 14, 1982

Junior Museum: Puppet Week, workshops and performances 37-38

June 21, 1982

The Chicago Architectural Club Exhibition, participants and works selected by architects Peter Eisenman, Faruk Yorgancioglu, Daniel Libeskind, James Sterling, Evans Woollen; special issue of the Chicago Architectural Journal, the Club's history, benefit for AIC Architecture Department 39-40

June 28, 1982

Highlights of the Universal Limited Art Editions (ULAE), exhibition; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Dittmer, grant for acquisition of ULAE prints; Tatyana Grosman's gift of ULAE archive 41-42, 80

June 30, 1982

The Vatican Collection: Papacy and Art, US tour exhibition; AIC showing sponsored by The Continental Bank 22-25, 43-44

July 1, 1982

Joseph Regenstein, Jr., elected to The Board of Trustees; Helen Regenstein Collection45

July 6, 1982

Suggested admission fees increase 46

July 15, 1982

Junior Museum, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions 47-48

July 29, 1982

France in the Golden Age: 17th Century French Paintings from American Collections, traveling exhibition; catalogue 49-50

August 5, 1982

Selected Textile Acquisitions since 1978, exhibition, curator of Textiles Department Christa C. M. Thurman 51

August 23, 1982

Frederic Remington: Painting and Sculpture from the George F. Harding Collection, exhibition; curator of American Arts Department Milo M. Naeve 52-54

August 24, 1982

Katharine C. Lee, appointed Assistant Director of the AIC; announcement by AIC Director James N. Wood 55-56

August 31, 1982

Thursday Lecture Programs 57-58, 67

September 8, 1982

Claude Monet's Water Lilies (1924-25), acquisition made possible by gift of Mrs. Harvey Kaplan (Chicago); comments by AIC Chairman Arthur W. Schultz, AIC Director James N. Wood, and Curator of 20th Century Art Department A. James Speyer 59-61

September 9, 1982

Mary and Earle Ludgin Collection, exhibition featuring the Ludgin gifts and bequests to AIC; comments by curator of 20th Century Art Department A. James Speyer 62-63

September 27, 1982

Selections from the Permanent Collection, photography exhibition, curator Deborah Frumkin of the Photography Department; Collections of Alfred Stieglitz and Julien Levy 64

September 28, 1982

Chicago Architects Design: A Century of Architectural Drawings from the Art Institute of Chicago (final exhibition from the series "Chicago Architects: Selections from the Burnham Library of Architecture", 1979), curator of Architecture Pauline Saliga; catalogue of AIC architectural collection 65-66

October 5, 1982

The Iconography of Classic Maya Vases, lecture by Michael D. Coe of Yale University 58, 67

October 12, 1982

Photographs by Steven Foster, exhibition, curator of Photography Department David Travis, AIC publication 68-69

October 25, 1982

Junior Museum, "Animal Month", family workshop, coordinator Marla Kantor 70-71

Art Today, lecture series featuring textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen, and photo-realistpainter Richard Estes 72

November 12, 1982

Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial Collection, reinstallation and renovation in Frederic Clay Bartlett Memorial Gallery, curator of European Painting and Sculpture Department Richard Brettell; examination and re-framing of Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte; The Paintings of Frederic and Evelyn Fortune Bartlett, exhibition for gallery opening 73-75

November 19, 1982

Mrs. Julian Armstrong, Jr., Stanley M. Freehling, and R. Robert Funderburg elected new Vice-Chairmen of The Board of Trustees; other officers re-elected 76-77

November 22, 1982

Paper and Light: The Calotype in France and Great Britain, 1839-1870, exhibition co-organized by AIC and Houston Museum of Fine Arts; curator of European Painting Department Richard R. Brettell; Andre Jammes collection (Paris) and Helmut Gernsheim collection (London); related publications 78-79

November 23, 1982

Working Sequences from Universal Limited Art Editions (ULAE), second exhibition of the series, curator of Prints and Drawings Esther Sparks 41-42, 80

Selection of Fabrics from the 1880s-1940s from the Permanent Collection, curator of Textiles Department Christa Thurman 81-82

November 24, 1982

Choral Concert Schedule, holiday programs 83-84

December 20, 1982

"Living National Treasures" of Japan, exhibition organized by Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; AIC showing coordinated by curator of Oriental Art Department Jack V. Sewell; ningen kokuho [important intangible cultural properties], a practice of honoring living artists; gallery demonstrations of craft making; catalogue 85-87


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