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John Knight: A work in situ



May 10, 2024

J20254 004 Test

Installation view of John Knight: A work in situ (2024) at the Art Institute of Chicago, 2023 © Courtesy of the artist.

CHICAGO—The Art Institute of Chicago is pleased to announce John Knight: A work in situ on view through September 22, 2024. Since the late 1960s, Los Angeles-based artist John Knight has created work guided by a set of social, spatial, and ethical concerns that have made him a touchstone for generations of artists. He often creates projects in situ, so his work is created specifically in the exhibition space. He makes careful observations of specific sites, and his works are context dependent, crystallizing the social, political, and economic forces that structure our built environment. 

“Knight’s work is witty and incisive, wryly transforming the museum’s outdoor space into a rest stop”, said Giampaolo Bianconi, associate curator, Modern and Contemporary Art. “By playing with scale, this work changes the audience’s perception of themselves, the museum, and the city.”

By working in situ Knight defies ready categorization, creating hybrid projects that blur the lines between conceptual art, architecture, and design. Through objects and gestures that intervene in art’s conditions of reception, Knight’s work shifts the viewer’s experience in subtle yet revelatory ways. 

John Knight: A work in situ is curated by Giampaolo Bianconi, associate curator, Modern and Contemporary Art.


This exhibition is organized by the Art Institute of Chicago with major funding from the Bluhm Family Endowment Fund, which supports exhibitions of modern and contemporary sculpture.


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