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To safeguard against the spread of COVID-19, the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries’ class visit program is suspended until further notice. We hope to pilot a new program for group visits in the fall semester of 2022. Additional information on the library is available here. Additional information on the museum’s response to COVID-19 can be found here.

Complete the registration form to schedule your class visit.



All classes must be requested via the instruction form on this page. All requests for the semester must be received by the end of the 4th week in the semester.

Preference will be given to classes with specific, collections-related assignments or classes making repeat use of the collections during the course of the semester.


Instructors requesting course-related research sessions must visit to review materials prior to the class session.

Students must arrive on time for class, having completed all requirements for library access (checked coats and bags, signed in); please account for time needed for coat check when requesting a specific class time.

Duration and Library Instruction

A typical session lasts 1.5 hours and includes an introduction to the libraries and instruction in searching the libraries’ catalog and other pertinent online resources.

Class visit options

Please choose one of the following class visit options based on your desired learning outcomes for the class session.

Library Orientation

Bibliographic instruction followed by Reading Room tour and review of up to 12 collection items

Stacks tour available for graduate-student classes

Materials must be requested via form OR appointment made with librarian two (2) weeks prior to class

Review of up to 12 special collections items or 25 general collections items

Librarian will provide brief overview of library access policies and handling instructions

Course instructor is responsible for all other session content

Special collections materials may be restricted from student handling; specific openings should be requested/marked by instructor during materials review appointment

Materials must be requested via form or appointment made with librarian to discuss selections at least two (2) weeks prior to class

Collection Highlights and/or Library Tour

Review of up to 12 special collections items/25 general collections items

No handling of materials permitted

Librarian is responsible for selections/session content following appointment with instructor to discuss learning outcomes for the session


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