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A woman in a long striped dress baths a child using water in a small tub. A woman in a long striped dress baths a child using water in a small tub.

Ryan Learning Center


As the museum’s hub for learning and creativity, the Ryan Learning Center creates space for visitors of all ages to enjoy art making and experiential activities.

The Ryan Learning Center is open Thursday through Monday, 11:00–3:00.

See the calendar for the most up-to-date schedule. You do not need a museum admission ticket to visit this space; it is accessible free of charge.

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The Art Exchange

Drop by the RLC’s Art Exchange to:

  • Take part in an art-making project designed by artists and museum educators. Through December 4, take inspiration from Kameelah Janan Rasheed: Unsewn Time to create a print series experimenting with ink, text, and collage. Then, beginning December 7, create a sculpture from paper and fabric in conversation with Radical Clay: Contemporary Women Artists from Japan.
  • Create your own one-of-a-kind, adventure-filled museum tour using the award-winning digital interactive, JourneyMaker
  • Find books, blocks, and other resources to spark your curiosity

Visit the Trott Family Gallery to explore art through fun, hands-on learning experiences.

2023 Aic Carousel 4

On view through July 2025
Art + Science: A Horse of a Different Color

This new interactive installation featuring two historical carousel horses allows visitors of all ages to explore the work of museum conservators who use art and science techniques to study and treat artworks, carefully managing the way these pieces change over time. Each activity in this space is inspired by a scientific process used in our conservation laboratories. So put on a lab smock, grab a research guide, and play your way through this interactive lab as we explore art through science.

This project is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. OISE 1743748.

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Accessible at all times the museum is open, the Multisensory Gallery offers visitors the opportunity to engage with materials through sensory exploration. Look, touch, and listen to the diverse range of materials that artists use to create their works of art. Plus, you can try your hand at a pattern-rubbing station featuring patterns inspired by objects in the collection.

Dive deeper into an exploration of these materials by listening to the Audio Guide through the Art Institute App. You’ll find us at stops 51–54 and 56.


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