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With free admission for kids under 14 and Chicago teens under 18, the Art Institute is the perfect place for a creative outing with the whole family.
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Find your inspiration in programs, spaces, and exhibitions that ignite your imagination. Stop by the Family Room—where admission is always free—to make your own work of art and create a customized family museum tour using JourneyMaker. Discover new artworks in the galleries or revisit old friends. Join other families during family festivals and exhibition-themed programs.

Please note that the reopening of the Ryan Learning Center has been delayed—a new opening date will be released soon. Stay tuned!


We are committed to making the museum and its collection more accessible to your family’s needs, abilities, and interests. Explore the museum’s Accessibility page to find out more about resources and supports in place for all visitors and review a general museum visit guide to help your family plan.


Can outside food be brought in? Where is a good place to eat a snack?
We do not have a place for families to eat a brown bag lunch in the Ryan Learning Center. Use the couches in the member area just off the Modern Wing entrance for a quick snack spot, or enjoy a snack in Millennium Park or the Museum’s North Garden, located on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street.

What is the closest entrance to the Ryan Learning Center?
The Modern Wing entrance is closest to the Ryan Learning Center, at 159 East Monroe Street.

How much does admission cost?

Head to Visit for information about our tiered admission structure. Museum admission is always free for children under 14 and for Chicago teens under 18.

Can we book a studio for a birthday party?
We do not provide space for birthday parties at this time.

How can I volunteer at one of your events?
If you are interested in volunteering with the Art Institute, visit Volunteer Opportunities and fill out the volunteer application form and indicate your interest in working with Family Programs. If you have any questions about the Volunteer Program or various positions, please contact Michael Mitchell at or at (312) 443-3504.

Can you donate to our fundraiser?
We do not generally provide materials or tickets for fundraisers.

Where is a good place to nurse?
Caregivers may nurse or bottle-feed anywhere within the museum. Areas with comfortable seating include: Griffin Court; the Family Room, located in the Ryan Learning Center; and the private Infant Care Room, located near Gallery 249.

If using a backpack or other bag larger than 11x17” for pumping or nursing a child, please inform our security staff about the bag’s purpose. They will provide a property pass for the backpack and, if necessary, suggest additional conditions for carrying the bag in order to ensure easy travel through the museum and safety for the works of art on display.

Do you offer art classes or summer camps for kids?
Most of our programs are for families together rather than children on their own. The School of the Art Institute’s Continuing Studies program also has excellent summer camps for children.

Is the Family Room appropriate for my infant or tween?
The Family Room is for everyone. It is designed to engage a wide range of people, with manipulatives, blocks, and picture books for very young ones and art-making activities for older children and adults looking for hands-on engagement.

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