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Talks and Tours


Through conversations, discussions, gallery tours, and lectures, learn fresh perspectives about art and its broad influence across places, cultures, and times.
A staff person speaks about a modern painting in front of a large group of people.

Free public talks are offered every day that the museum is open.

American Sign Language Tours
The Art Institute offers monthly interactive public tours of works in the collection presented in American Sign Language. Intended primarily for members of the Deaf community, these tours are open to all visitors, though voice interpretation is not typically provided.
See upcoming Sign Language Tours

Art in the Moment
Participate in intimate group discussions in the galleries and studio art-making for people living with dementia and their care partners. Schedule an Art in the Moment session and learn more by calling (312) 857-7641 or emailing

Artists Connect
Join us each month for Artists Connect, a series of in-gallery programs that highlight the creative process. Artists, poets, dancers, and musicians engage with works of art, making connections to their own practice and inspiring new ways of understanding the Art Institute’s collection.
See upcoming Artists Connect events

Conversations and Panel Discussions
Gather with artists and scholars to explore the relevance and cultural impact of art or to hear new ideas and perspectives on special exhibitions or works in the collection.
See upcoming Conversations and Panel Discussions

Express Talks and Gallery Talks
Delve deeper. Lasting thirty-minutes or one hour, talks by museum educators, conservators, curatorial staff, and interns provide you a focused look at the museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions.
See upcoming Express and Gallery Talks

Here and Now
Take time to slow down and connect with yourself, others, and a work of art. In this hour-long program, first experience a guided meditation to help you be present in the moment and heighten your sensory awareness. Then, join others to look closely and attentively at one artwork, building a collective understanding through conversation.
See upcoming Here and Now events

Highlights and Modern Wing Highlights
New to the museum? Follow a tour led by an experienced volunteer to see both well-known highlights and lesser-known treasures from the the Art Institute’s collection.
See upcoming Highlights tours and Modern Wing Highlights tours

Use the collection as a catalyst for open conversations about urgent social questions and current events. Come ready to participate and create community through dialogue about art. These talks are currently virtual.
See upcoming virtual Intersections

Hear from leading artists, scholars, and civic leaders, explore current cultural issues, and learn about the history, context, and making of art.
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