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Programs in Communities


Enjoy art-inspired programs in neighborhoods and communities around Chicagoland and beyond.
Woman speaks to event attendees about a vinyl album she is holding titled "He's A Black Man".

Art Insights
If you are affiliated with a residential care facility and are seeking a learning experience for Chicago-based seniors unable to visit the museum, this free program can bring the Art Institute to you. Volunteers are available to give slide talks to older adults at senior centers, care facilities, and nursing homes. To learn more or to schedule an Art Insights program for your facility, please call (312) 857-7641 or email lifelonglearning@artic.edu.  

Community Associates
Deepen your engagement with the Art Institute's collection and your community. Explore art, history, cultural context, and the creative process through one of the seven participation areas in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana that compose the Community Associates. To attend events in this final year of Community Associates programming, you must be a member of Community Associates. Community Associates members are welcome to attend Community Associates events in any of the seven programming areas below.

To purchase a Community Associates membership and/or event tickets over the phone, contact Member Services at (312) 499-4111. To receive additional information about Community Associates programming from the membership chairman of your Community Associates area of interest, please email CAcoordinator@artic.edu.

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