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Among Friends and Family



The multitude of cultures and artistic traditions across Asia have produced countless examples of visually beautiful and emotionally profound art reflecting the importance of time spent with loved ones. Among Friends and Family presents a selection of objects from China, Japan, and Korea that portray some of the gatherings that enrich everyday life and special occasions, highlighting the value of life shared with friends and family, 

E38138 Int Press

Covered Vase (清代康熙 西湖景色瓶), Qing dynasty (1664–1912), reign of the Kangxi Emperor (1662–1722)

Jingdezhen, China. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Bud Berman

Such works capture a range of emotions and scenes that transcend time—the love that bonds generations of family, the shared delight of friends over play or work, the camaraderie of a crowd at a performance. Collectively, these images of the profound joy that can be found in others’ company serve as a reminder of the importance of human connection, especially in our present moment. This exhibition highlights the value of life shared with friends and family, and is presented in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Arts of Asia department at the Art Institute of Chicago.


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