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SCA Annual Exhibition 2021



Since 1940, the Society for Contemporary Art (SCA) has supported contemporary art at the Art Institute of Chicago through donations of artworks and support of exhibition, lectures, and other programs.

Each year, members of the SCA’s acquisition committee carefully select a group of contemporary works to consider purchasing and giving to the Art Institute for its permanent collection.

This year’s selection focuses on five artists who are based in Chicago or have strong ties to the city: Candida Alvarez, Torkwase Dyson, Tony Lewis, Julia Phillips, and Catherine Sullivan. The works under consideration are installed in various locations in the museum’s galleries of contemporary art and are identified with a special label, extending the SCA’s long and distinguished history of advocacy for the art and artists of our time.

Installation Photo


The Society for Contemporary Art Annual Exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the Society for Contemporary Art at the Art Institute of Chicago.


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