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Faces, Places & Inner spaces



A man with a black mustache in a brown coat holds a palette with pain on it.

Faces, Places, and Inner Spaces, a new interactive exhibition in the Hammerman Gallery of the Kraft Education Center, introduces you to a selection of art from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Here, you can explore 5 of the 11 works of art in the exhibition and take a virtual tour of the gallery space. Play games, look, read, and have fun!

Read and learn more with the publication Faces, Places, and Inner Spaces, the award-winning book by Jean Sousa. 

Teachers, find sample lesson plans and a bibliography from the Faces, Places, and Inner Spaces teacher manual. This manual and many others are available from the Elizabeth Stone Robson Teacher Resource Center.

See the archived exhibition website here.

Archived Microsite


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