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Neapolitan Crèche

Nov 16, 2023–Jan 8, 2024



The Art Institute’s spectacular 18th-century Neapolitan crèche returns once again this holiday season. 

This crèche, or Nativity scene, tells the story of Jesus Christ’s birth using more than 200 painted terracotta figures staged in an elaborate environment inspired by 18th-century Naples. The upper register of the crèche contains the main characters of the Nativity—the Holy Family (Mary, Joseph, and Jesus) and the Three Wise Men, along with angels and shepherds. Surrounding them are scenes of Neapolitan daily life, including a raucous tavern, a bucolic pasture, and a street crowded with vendors.

Naples. Restricted gifts of Mr. and Mrs. James N. Bay and Linda and Vincent Buonanno and Family; Eloise W. Martin Legacy Fund; restricted gifts of Ruth Ann Gillis and Michael McGuinnis and Mrs. Robert O. Levitt; Charles H. and Mary F. Worcester Collection Fund

These representations celebrate Naples as a cosmopolitan port city that included people from all walks of life. They also demonstrate the lens of exoticism through which many Europeans viewed visitors from other lands, non-Christians, and people of color. Though Naples had long been home to people from throughout the Islamic world, here they are shown as foreigners, confined to the biblical scene in the upper register and wearing turbans and billowing trousers that contrast with the rustic Neapolitan garb of the figures below.

Enlivening ancient biblical stories with modern costume and scenery is typical in the crèche genre and, more broadly, in European religious art since the Renaissance. By highlighting the vibrant social fabric of Baroque Naples, the crèche invites viewers to witness the miraculous amid the mundane and to delight in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Neapolitan Crèche | Artwork Spotlight

A photo of a detail of the large Neapolitan Creche. The photo shows a large group of people, including Mary, Jesus, Joseph, the three wisemen, a variety of animals, and multiple angels

Due to the fragility of the original silk costumes and exquisite embroidery, the Neapolitan crèche can only be on view for a few weeks every year. Don’t miss your chance to revel in Baroque artistry this season!


The Art Institute of Chicago is grateful to the following individuals for their generous support of the Neapolitan crèche:

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Bay for sponsoring The Nativity, The Three Wise Men and Their Courts and Treasures, and The Musicians and Dancers

Linda and Vincent Buonanno and Family for sponsoring The Heavenly Host in memory of Vincent Buonanno Jr.

The Eloise W. Martin Legacy Fund for sponsoring The Taverna

Ruth Ann Gillis and Michael McGuinnis for sponsoring The Cabinet in honor of Mr. and Mrs. James N. Bay

Mrs. Robert O. Levitt for sponsoring La Georgiana and Her Companions


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