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Virtual Studio: Augmented Poetry


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Anneli Goeller The Human Computer Can Sleep Through The Night

Anneli Goeller. The human computer can sleep through the night.

Join artist Anneli Goeller for this art-making workshop using digital media and the Art Institute collection to generate your own poetry, and experiment with augmented reality. This workshop is designed for anyone who is comfortable using a computer. 

Augmented reality enables users to exist in the same space as the 3D objects they create. This shared space is not fully digital, not fully physical, but is in between, and both. This workshop proposes that augmented reality can be a portal that opens a window onto a virtual world. A world that always exists, but which we need technology to access. 

Please note that in order to participate in this event, you will need to download Spark AR Studio to your computer ahead of time and will need to have a Facebook account. Read more about required materials for this event below.

Paper and writing utensil (or word processor depending on preference)
Facebook account (or shared AIC account depending on approval)
Smartphone with Facebook and/or Instagram downloaded
Spark AR Studio
downloaded ahead of time to computer

Spark AR System Requirements
Operating system: MacOS 10.14+ or Windows 10 (64 bit)

About the Artist
Anneli Goeller is an artist and poet who uses 3D simulation and artificial intelligence to speculate that the creation of algorithmic selves expands the concept of personhood. Their work has been exhibited with Silicon Valet, Jane Lombard Gallery, and Freie Universitat Berlin, among others. Their lectures and publications include “Refiguring the Future,” “Eyebeam and REFRESH,” and “The Universal Sea.” Anneli received their MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019.


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