South Community Associates: The Art of the Souvenir During the 18th Century Grand Tour



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  • Registration Period: February 5–February 14, 2019

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Young Lady With A Parrot

Rosalba Carriera. A Young Lady with a Parrot, c. 1730. The Regenstein Collection. 

Hear from Alexis Culotta, and look to the brilliant artistic souvenirs of the 18th century Grand tour that are currently part of the Art Institute of Chicago's collection.

Not unlike our desires today to bring mementos home from our journeys, these souvenir-shopping Grand Tourists helped to carve out nuanced artistic niches that are now considered some of the most important to have emerged from the era.

Schedule of the Day:

9:15 Continental Breakfast

10:00 Lecture

Speaker: Alexis Culotta

Registration Period: February 5–February 14, 2019

To contact the event planner, please reach out to Mary Burk at or (630) 325-5264.

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