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Student Activity: Creating Titles


This is a great way to practice the skills of close looking and inference. It can be done independently or in small groups. 

Are your students doing this activity at school or at home?

While this activity was designed for use in the museum, you can follow these suggestions to make students’ experience fun and successful in any learning context.

  • Search for high-quality images of artworks in the museum’s collection. Use these suggested artworks or find some on your own. Images can be printed or viewed online. 

Kalabari. Figure Screen (Duein Fubara), Early 20th century.

Minnie Evans. Drawing #114, 1962.

Japan. Shukongojin, Kamakura Period, 12th/14th century.

  • If students don’t have internet access, they can look for other objects around them that could help them complete the activity.
  • Have students work together with classmates, family members, or friends to complete the activity and share their creations.  

Grade Level: 6-12

Common Core State Standards: SL.1, SL.2, L.1, L.3, L.5


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