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Art + Language: Story Map


Works of art can tell stories. This activity asks you to look carefully at works of art in order to find the key elements of a story.

Are your students doing this activity at school or at home?

Below is a list of suggested artworks for this activity. You can use one of these as a starting point or select your own from the Art Institute’s collection using the museum’s website. You can also check the website to see if there are any details or historical information about the artwork available. What story is the artist trying to tell? How is it similar or different from yours?

Peter Blume. The Rock, 1944/48.

India. Maharana Bhim Singh in Procession, 1820.

 Jacob Lawrence. Confrontation at the Bridge, 1975.

Grade Level: 1-8

Illinois Common Core State Standards for ELA: RL.1.3, RL. 2.1, RL.2.7, RL 3


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