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Brittany Dolph Dineen

Brittany Dinneen Headshot

Brittany Dolph Dinneen is the assistant conservator of objects at Emory University’s Michael C. Carlos Museum. She has worked at the National Museum of African Art, National Museum of American History, and the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, and has done archaeological conservation work in Jordan, Azerbaijan, and Greece, most recently as part of the American Excavations Samothrace. Her research interests include the characterization of accumulative surfaces on African power objects; the application of handheld X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy in investigations of cultural heritage materials; the use of agarose gel in conservation cleaning and desalination approaches; and innovative preventive collections care solutions. She received her MA from the UCLA/Getty program in conservation of archaeological and ethnographic materials following a BA in anthropology/archaeology from the University at Buffalo. She is a professional associate of the American Institute for Conservation.

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