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Robert Lifson

Robert Lifson is senior photographer in the Imaging department. He began his career at the Art Institute in 1987 as a slide library photographer in what was then the Photographic Services department. His 30 year career has seen many changes: the advent of personal computing, the migration from film to digital photography, and the continued exploration of scientific imaging. Over time, as darkroom and film processing spaces were converted to digital photography studios, Robert zeroed in on 2D object photography as his area of expertise. As senior photographer, he directs the department’s scientific imaging program, which includes visible-induced luminescence, UV-induced visible fluorescence, and reflected ultraviolet photography. An early adopter of emerging technologies, Robert was among the first staff members to receive an email address or use a Mac. Indeed, it is his constant pursuit of cutting-edge technology that accounts for his decades-long career in Imaging, where new capture techniques are perpetually around the corner.

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