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Drinking at Night

A work made of handscroll; ink on paper.
CC0 Public Domain Designation

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  • A work made of handscroll; ink on paper.


Ming dynasty (1368–1644); c. 1520/23


Tang Yin
Chinese, 1470-1523

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Tang Yin


Drinking at Night


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Handscroll; ink on paper


Artist’s inscription: 右作一年歌 一年三百六十日,春夏秋冬各九十;冬寒夏熱最難當,寒則如刀熱如炙。 春三秋九號溫和,天氣溫和風雨多;一年細算良辰少,況又難逢美景何? 美景良辰倘遭遇,又有賞心並樂事;不燒高燭對芳尊,也是虛生在人世。 古人有言亦達哉,勸人秉燭夜遊來;春宵一刻千金價,我道千金買不回。 鄉貢進士吳郡唐寅書 "Song of the Year" One year, 360 days, spring, summer, autumn, and winter each has 90 days. Cold winter and hot summer are the most difficult time; when it gets cold as if cutting with a knife, hot as if roasting. In spring and autumn, the weather is good, but it gets lots of rain and wind. Through the year there is only a few days with good weather. It is difficult to come upon a beautiful scenery. If you can have a beautiful scenery and good weather, what an enjoyable thing! Why not light a tall candle and shine the zun vessel of fragrant wine? The ancient people encouraged to have a party at night with candles. Each minute of spring night is as valuable as thousand of gold, but I say that even with the thousand of gold, you cannot bring the spring night back again. Xianggong jinshi Tang Yin of Wu wrote. (Eun-wha Park:1989) -Frontipiece: "zhai qi" ( 摘奇 ) by Feng Fang (南隅外史 豐坊) Artist's seals: 夢墨亭 Mengmo ting (relief, square) 逃禪仙吏 Taoshan xianli (relief, square) 南京解元 Nanjing jieyuan (relief, square) 六如居士 Liuru jushi (relief, square) Collectors's seals: Seals of Geng Zhaozhong (1640-1686) 丹誠 Dancheng (intaglio, circle) 信公鑒定珍藏 Xingong jianding zhencang (relief, oval) 漢水耿會侯書畫之章 Hanshui Geng Huihou shuhua zhizhang (intaglio, square) 千山耿信公書畫之章 Qianshan Geng Xingong shuhua zhizhang 湛恩記 Zhan'en ji (intaglio, square) 會侯珍藏 Huihou zhencang (intaglio, square) 會侯之章 Huihou zhizhang (relief, square) 公 Gong (relief, square) Qing imperial seals: 乾隆御覽之寳 Qianlong yulan zhibao (relief, square) 乾隆鑬賞 Qianlong jianshang (intaglio, circle) 石渠寶笈 Shiqu baoji (relief, rectangle) 御書房鑬藏寳 Yushufang jiancangbao (relief, oval) 三希堂精鑑璽 Sanxitang jingjianxi (relief, rectangle) 宜子孫 Yizisun (intaglio, square) 嘉慶御覽之寳 Jiaqing yulan zhibao (relief, oval) 宣統御覽之寳 Xuantong yulan zhibao (relief, square) 宣統鑬賞 Xuantong jianshang (relief, square) 無逸齋精鑑璽 Wuyizhai jingjianxi (relief, rectangle)


30.5 × 139.2 cm (12 × 55 in.)

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Gift of the Joseph and Helen Regenstein Foundation

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