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Noda Tetsuya

A woodblock and silkscreen print by Noda Tetsuya. In this print, Tetsuya depicts himself looking directly at the viewer and holding a small book or piece of paper in front of part of his face.
Noda Tetsuya. Diary: April 2, ‘07, 2007. Restricted gift of The American Society of Interior Designers Illinois Chapter (ASID).
Also known as
Tetsuya Noda
Date of birth

Noda Tetsuya is one of the most successful contemporary print artists in the world. Through evocative prints, he depicts first-hand experiences of people, objects, environments, and landscapes using his own unique printing process that combines photographic silkscreen with woodblock printing through a mimeograph machine.

Each of Noda’s prints document his experiences on a particular day, and they are all titled using Diary plus the date. Some capture dramatic moments in his life, such as when he learned of the devastation following the March 11, 2011, earthquake, but most are exceedingly mundane—gifts from friends, the path by his home where he walks every day since retiring from teaching at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts, his Israeli-born wife Dorit and their two children. The Art Institute of Chicago will present the first solo show of Noda’s work held in a North American museum in spring 2020. 

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