7UP 1747 E.75th
7UP 6922 Stoney Island
7UP 624 W. Ashland
7UP Lawrence at Tripp
Advertise Here Fulton Market North of Morgan
Alliance National Bank 808 N. Oakley
American Family Insurance 1880 N. Hoyne
Amy's Motel, Dukes Show Lounge 119 E 79th
Antique Mart, Gossard Corsets, Hobbies Magazine 1000 S. Michigan
Apples Sports Bar Lake, East of Jefferson
Ashland Brewery 674 W. Ashland
Auto Body Sign/Ajax tire North at Kedvale
B&B Ceramic 3393 Archer
Bachia Bootery All Stars 1741 W. Chicago Ave
Bell Bread 4814 W. Augusta
Belmont Lounge 1650 W. Belmont
Bingo, Wednesday Nites, 7 pm, Here 16th street and Paulina
Bink's Manufacturing Carol, East of Kedzie
Boarding Stable 1315 S. Fulton Market
Borden's Evaporated Milk Milwaukee, South of Lawrence
Boss Hand Car Wash approx. 5 South Western
Bresler Ice Cream 4006-4010 W. Belden
Budweiser 6251 S. Western
Calumet Baking Powder 7339 S. Halsted
Canfield 1736 E. 79th
Canfield Beverages Nate's Drive In 1065-67 W. Taylor
Canfield Portside Lounge approx. 9035 S. Ashland
Canfield Soda 347 E 79th
Ceresota 1515 W. Devon
Champion 2002 W.18th
Champion 708 N. Ashland
Champion 5627 W. Irving Park
Champion 5914 Milwaukee
Champion Spark Plugs 8623 Vincennes Ave
Champion, Quality Truck parts & Supplies 2417 S. Wabash
Chevrolet, Victory 2-4800 Indiana and Cermack
Chicago Products, Distributors of ___ illa Brands 21st/ Cermack/train tracks
Cigars 1391-1397 N. Milwaukee
Cigars Box__ Special, Pipes, Tobacco 1428 S. Kedzie
Cleaners 1138 W. Taylor
Cleaners Dyers/Coronet, Leather & Suede Cleaning Specialists 4633 N. Pulaski
Coke, K___ heating Coke approx. 9021 S. Ashland
Coke cola/ Auto painting 7949 Racine
Corner Grocery, Fresh Meats and Product S. Carpenter St. and 83rd
Cuban approx. 6638 S. Ashland
Daily News 105_ N. Ashland
Daily News 2314 S. Leavitt
Daily News 1927 N. Halsted
Daily News Elston, South of Fullerton
Diversey Inn, Budweiser on Tap, Michelob 2854 W. Diversey
Double Bubble Michelob approx. 6036 N. Broadway
Dr Pepper 75th st and Jeffery
Drewrys Beer 3507 N. Cicero
Dry goods, Carpet, Notions 1748 W. 21st
E. Davis Bakery & Confectionery 1654 W. Cortland
Edelweiss 5508 W. Fullerton
Edna's Restaurant 19 S. Kedzie
Elect Nathan J. Kaplan State Representative 43__ N. Pulaski
Ford 230 Cermack
Fox Deluxe Beer 1629 N. Ashland
Fox Deluxe Beer 1343 N. Ashland
Fox Deluxe Beer 5038 Archer
Fox Deluxe Beer 4457 N. Kedzie
Fox Deluxe Beer 1056 N. Ashland
Fox Deluxe Beer 1439 W. Devon
Fox Deluxe Beer 3144 W. Fulton
fragment approx. 5500 E. Ashland
Funeral Home Approx 2000 W. 18th
Furniture Broadway, north of Lawrence
Furniture Carpet and Silverware 2100 S. Marshall
General Furniture Co. 5927 W. Chicago
Gold Medal Flour 2340 W. North
Gold Medal Flour 7341 S. Halsted
Gold Medal Flour 1901 N. Bissell
Gold Medal Flour 1015 N. Noble
Gold Medal Flour, Smokenski (?) Groceries 1917 W. Armitage
Gold Dust Twins 1800 W. Irving Park
Gold____ Ashland at Barry
Golde Clothes 4826? W. Chicago
Good Food 1201 71st
Green Stamps Ingleside and 75th Street
Grocery Market 7157 S. Ashland
Grocery Market 1616 W. 17th st
Grocery Schulz Butter Nut Bread 2150 W. Cullerton
Halsted Street State Bank approx. Halsted and 69th
Hardware 1149 W. Diversey
Havacek___ 18th and Throop
Hinkamp Real Estate 4842 W. Chicago
Hinkamp Real Estate 7400 S. Halsted
Home of Lasser Beverages approx. 2550 Sheffield
Home of United Bakeries Inc. 821 N. Cicero
Horseradish 3430 Archer
Howaniec Furniture Co. 1551 W. Chicago
Humboldt Auto North, West of Western
Humboldt Park Garage 3347 W. North
Ice Cubes Hardware 1738 W. 99th street
Illegible 2157 S. Leavitt
Illegible, "shop" 4822 W. Armitage
Illegible, Script 2242 S. Kedzie
Jays Potato Chip Western at Mc Lean
Kaplan's Department Store 1505 W. Chicago
Keysters Pulaski and Berteau
Keystone Corner Albany off Lawrence
King Cleaners 1320-22 W. 95th
Klassy Halsted between 70th and 68th
Koppickh Funeral Home 1701 W. 21st
L . Fish Furniture 7232 S. Halsted
L. Kline Complete, Plumbing, HeatingÉ 5615 W. Irving Park
Lead Free Amoco Standard 1648 N. Kedzie
Lion Cleaner 7018 S. Halsted
Liquor East of Pulaski, South of School
Lomax Pale Ginger Ale 5937 W. Chicago
Lowest Prices in Town Wood off of Milwaukee
Madison East of Halsted Chicago, a few doors west of Oakley
Martin Real Estate 7300 S. Halsted
Marzano's Miami Bowl Karlov & Archer
Meat Market 1235 N. Damen
Milling, Hand Screws 2340 W. Erie
North American Building State, South of Monroe
North Building Shops 16 N. Wabash
Not Legible 4738 W. Chicago
OBREK 954 E.79th
Oil 1337 W. Taylor
O'Keefe Bros. Milwaukee, North of Belmont
Ornamental Iron Cermak near Albany
Overalls, Shirts, Pants Polk at Dearborn
Pepsi 4200 W. North
Pepsi 2620 W. Chicago
Pepsi 2620W. Chicago
Peraica Commissioner, Gas Heaters, Professional Insurance Brokers 2515-2521 Archer
Pioneer Bowl, Lounge, Billiards, Golf Range Pulaski
Plumbing Heating Kitchen & Bath Supplies 1553 Milwaukee
Polonia Hardware & Paint 1518/1520 N. Ashland
Prima Beer 1421 W. Augusta
Prima Beer Corner of Sheffield and Lincoln
pure-clean, Quaker Oats? Ayers and Chicago
Pure-Ore 224 N. Justine
Reebie Clark, South of Fullerton
Reliance Savings and Loan, Just across the street 1945 Cermack
Revell's 6840 S. Halsted
Richards Wild Irish Rose Wine 1532 W. Chicago
Round _______ 20th Street and Peoria
Roy's Alignment 2953 W. Lawrence
Roy's Moving 59th and Ashland
Sakrete 69th west of Western
Sc__ Machine Products 3039 W. Carol
Schinagl Auto Parts Inc. 2439 W. North
Schlitz Damen at willow, approx. 1700 Damen
Schultz's Butternut Bread 2024 W.18th Street
Schwinn Built Bicycles 3822 W. North
Screw Machine, Punch Press Work 2100 S. Marshall
Self Service Car Wash 75˘ 7359 S. Western
Shack Industries Spaulding, North of Cermak
Sheeba 1620 79th Street
Skala National Bank 1644 W. 21st
Solvay Coke 1800 W. Irving Park
Southmoor Hardware, Benjamin Moore Paints 1508 67th street
Spinello Garage 2117 Grand
Standard Lumber Co Augusta, two doors East of Pulaski
Taylor, Dying 72nd and Halsted
The Bread Flour 2137 W. 21st
The Sunday Tribune 2603 W. Chicago Ave
Tile, Lumber Co. Rockwell, between 21st and Cermak
Titan Comics 5834 Milwaukee
Tobacco Clark, South of Roscoe
Tribune Want Ads 2251W. North Ave
U Needa Biscuit 5˘ 2011 N. Racine
Under Coating $1899 AL2-3966 2036 W. Armitage
Union Bank La Flin at 21st street
United Investors 2624 W. Devon
Vacuum Cleaners Lowe and 79th street
Vitamins, Baby Needs 2351 W. Augusta
Weedol 7639 S. Halstead
Welco Heating Oils Decidedly better 30__ W. North
Western Auto/ Apex Batteries 3322 W. Irving
Wheelchair Damen, South of North, under el tracks
Wildman Boiler & Tank Co. 3020 W. Carol
Wm M. Barr Undertaker 6224 N. Broadway
Woolens, Lingerie/Sugar Approx. 4000 N. Lincoln
Woolworth 1713 W. 18th
World Distributors 4240 N. Pulaski
Zechman Lumber 751 Damen