ana norell


ana norell was born in minneapolis, minnesota on november 6, 1990. she now resides in chicago, illinois where she attends the school of the art institute of chicago, studying art education. ana has also lived in stockholm, sweden.

i make videos: youtube & vimeo
i do art with kids: ah! art
things i love/hate: tumblr




promotion and background projection for the midtrife and the oblivioustrician
performed at garbage world may 2013
starring krissy abdullah, otto splotch, owen harris and myself

Ashamed2baMan by Daviet
music video by ana norell

still from what's good
video by ana norell and nat stone
starring krissy abdullah and daria izad's ceramics

green screen with video girls from various music videos in the background
"treat her like a lady" by the temptations with the speed altered
intros from "fuckin problems" by a$ap rocky and "i'm different" by 2 chainz

the prettiest girls are the happiest girls
offset print


chest piece
offset print
chest tattoos (top to bottom): lil wayne, timbuktu, lil kim, romeo jamone, tupac

pdf: love haiku

love haiku
paint samples, marker, waxed linen thread; distributed free of cost


scrap vellum, marker, staples; distrubuted free of cost

pdf: face zine

face zine
collaged and photocopied paper, waxed linen thread

pdf: cause mo'

cause mo'
paper and waxed linen thread.
questions taken from an issue of cosmopolitan magazine and re-answered. then were taken to pharmacies, book stores and convenience stores
and stuck back into copies of cosmo magazines


pdf: stuck in the middle w/ U ave pdf

stuck in the middle w/ University ave.
scanned disposable photographs laser printed and perfect bound

pdf: want what you got pdf

want what you got
pen on paper photocopied and bound with waxed thread






Photobucket     Photobucket

Photobucket     Photobucket

*click on cover and .gif will open in a new tab


the exchange of .gifs
photoshopped stills from sitcoms made into flip books (virtual version in .gif form)





paper, pen, markers, staples

pdf: dots





twice burned
paper, thread

pdf: twice burned







gucci mane haiku
paper, thread, letter stamps, ink
the rap artist gucci mane's song lyrics cut up and made into haiku

pdf: gucci mane haiku