12th Annual European Union Film Festival



2008, Juraj Lehotsky, Slovakia, 77 min.
With Peter Kolesár, Iveta Koprdová

“A film that puts a smile in your heart, and you don’t need eyes for it.”--Ray Bennett, Hollywood Reporter

Charming, thought-provoking…could easily prove to be a hit.”--Lee Marshall, Screen Daily

BLIND LOVES takes a leap from what at first appears to be a cinema verité documentary about the home life of a blind couple, into surreal fantasy and a series of love stories. Blindness is only the background circumstance held in common by a sequence of characters including a music teacher, a courting couple, a young mother expecting her first child, and a teen girl just discovering boys. Acclaimed at the Toronto Film Festival, this unique and charming film is packed with surprises. In Slovak with English subtitles. 35mm print courtesy of Artileria Production Company. (BS)

Sunday, March 15, 5:30 pm
Monday, March 16, 6:00 pm


2008, Juraj Nvota, Slovakia/Germany, 110 min.
With Jan Budar, Vladimir Hajdu

“Picaresque tale of sax and sex in 70s Czechoslovakia oozes charm and provides countless chuckles.”--Boyd Van Hoeij, Variety

Director Nvota strikes frequent notes of hilarity in this Eastern European hit telling a black-humorous tale of a misfit sax player’s cockeyed bid for freedom via a garage band. One party leads to another, and finally he’s auditioning for the biggest party of all, the Communist party. But Martin lives with his in-laws, one foot in a dream and the other in the bed of his very pregnant, very whiny new bride. When crazy love, not the homebound kind, comes calling, the future is up for grabs. In Slovak with English subtitles. 35mm print courtesy of ALEF Film & Media Group. (BS)

Wednesday, March 18, 8:15 pm
Thursday, March 19, 6:00 pm

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