Weeklong Runs


We present week-long runs of three films celebrating the art of design--industrial (OBJECTIFIED), graphic (MILTON GLASER: TO INFORM AND DELIGHT), and architectural (REM KOOLHAAS: A KIND OF ARCHITECT).

Special discount!
Buy a ticket at our regular prices to OBJECTIFIED, MILTON GLASER, or REM KOOLHAAS, and get a ticket to any performance of either or both of the other films at this discount rate (tickets must be purchased at the same time): General Admission $7; Students $5; Members $4.

First Chicago run!
2009, Gary Hustwit, USA, 75 min.

The most popular film in the Film Center’s history, Gary Hustwit’s HELVETICA starred a typeface. The larger cast of Hustwit’s latest film includes a toothpick, a garden shears, a transistor radio, a vegetable peeler, a leather briefcase, an Apple laptop, and a multitude of chairs. The subject of OBJECTIFIED is industrial design and, more broadly, the creativity behind the world of objects that shapes our lives and yet is so often taken for granted. Paola Antonelli, Rob Walker, Chris Bangle, Dieter Rams, Alice Rawsthorn, Naoto Fukasawa, and Fiona Raby are among the scene-stealers in the film’s who’s-who lineup of designers, critics, and curators. As in HELVETICA, Hustwit explores his subject with an infectious curiosity that appeals to laymen and experts alike. In English, French, Dutch, and Japanese with English subtitles. DigiBeta video. (MR)

June 5--11
Fri. and Mon.-Thu. at 6:00 pm, 7:30 pm, and 9:00 pm;
Sat. at 3:00 pm, 4:30 pm, 6:00 pm, 7:30 pm, and 9:00 pm;
Sun. at 3:00 pm, 4:30 pm, and 6:00 pm

First Chicago run!
2008, Wendy Keys, USA, 73 min.

“He’s so damned articulate!” an admirer exclaims. Milton Glaser’s down-to-earth eloquence is very much at the center of this zesty portrait of the man often described as the best-known graphic designer in the world. Glaser’s influence is vast and varied: his Pushpin Studios brought back eclecticism to a field ruled by Swiss regularity; his co-founding of New York magazine instigated reader-oriented journalism; his iconic Dylan poster shaped psychedelia; his I©NY logo revitalized the declining city in the 1970s; his Underground Gourmet introduced cheap ethnic food to middle-class chowhounds. Wendy Keys’s bustling, big-hearted documentary reflects the spirit of its gregarious subject, who thrives on interruption, has never written a memo, and loves to work with a lot of people around him. DigiBeta video. (MR)

June 12--18
Fri., Tue., and Thu. at 6:15 pm;
Sat. at 3:00 pm and 6:30 pm;
Sun. at 5:00 pm;
Mon. and Wed. at 8:00 pm

Chicago premiere!
2008, Markus Heidingsfelser and Min Tesch, Germany, 97 min.

“Busy, captivating.”--John Hartl, Seattle Times

“It’s the only film about me that I have liked.”--Rem Koolhaas

With his astonishing CCTV building nearing completion in Beijing, Rem Koolhaas has emerged as the cutting-edge architect of the 21st century. The apostle of Bigness and the “culture of congestion,” Koolhaas has challenged much of the received wisdom on architecture, not least of all the Miesian mystique of order and reason, which Koolhaas undermines with strategic injections of irrationality and chaos. With fellow architects Joshua Ramus and Richard Meier kibitzing on the sidelines, the quietly intense Koolhaas takes us through his early filmmaking days with Jan de Bont and Robby Müller, the publication of his seminal manifesto Delirious New York, and the creation of such innovative structures as the Seattle Central Library, the Casa da Música in Portugal, the Prada store in Beverly Hills, and the Dutch Embassy in Berlin. Wittily employing animations, collages, and visual tricks, this penetrating portrait is as cool, quirky, and full of subtle surprises as a Koolhaas construction. In English, Dutch, and German with English subtitles. DigiBeta video. (MR)

June 12--18
Fri., Tue. and Thu. at 7:45 pm;
Sat. at 4:30 pm and 8:00 pm;
Sun. at 3:00 pm;
Mon. and Wed. at 6:00 pm

Chicago premiere!
Indie Comedy
2008, Matt Brookens, USA, 84 min.
With Anders Erickson, John LaFlamboy

“Jam-packed with genre geek droolworthiness--zombies, ninjas, comic books…a wicked, dark comic streak.”--Eric Campos, FilmThreat.com

Jack (Erickson), a mild-mannered Chicago multiplex usher and would-be artiste, meets his nemesis in new co-worker Marcus (LaFlamboy), a kung-fu-kicking madman who steals Jack’s lady and proposes to teach him how to suffer for his art. Like a movie married to a really sleazy comic book, THE ART OF PAIN punches, kicks and explodes its way through Jack’s painter’s block until the creative juices flow like glistening rivers of gore. Features a cameo by Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman, and plenty of Chicago ambience. HD-CAM video. (BS)

Friday, June 5, 8:15 pm
Sunday, June 7, 3:00 pm
Monday, June 8, 8:15 pm
Wednesday, June 10, 8:15 pm

Chicago premiere!

2008, Noh Young-seok, South Korea, 116 min.
With Song Sam-dong, Yuk Sang-yeop

“Fresh and passionate…a truly independent project with an untamed spirit.”--Giovanna Fulvi, Toronto International Film Festival program

“A comedy of escalating misadventures.”--Derek Elley, Variety

Fueled by countless rounds of shots and mountains of tasty Korean barbecue, this darkly comic road movie hilariously chronicles a heartbroken loner’s vacation gone disastrously wrong. Hyuk-jin, moping after a breakup, gets suckered into a trip to an off-season mountain resort by his drinking buddies, who fail to join him as promised. Getting lost while hitchhiking, showing up at the wrong guest house, and making overtures to the wrong woman, gullible Hyuk-jin soon finds himself waking up by the side of a snowy road in his underpants. One surreal encounter with strangers follows another, each one beginning with a friendly invitation to drink. In Korean with English subtitles. 35mm. (BS)

Visit the official site: www.daytimedrinking.com

June 5--11
Fri., Mon. and Wed. at 6:00 pm;
Sat., Tue., and Thu. at 8:00 pm;
Sun. at 5:00 pm


We present the latest releases by two of the world’s most individualistic filmmakers, each a highly personal portrait of a city in transition.

Special discount!
Buy a ticket at our regular prices to either OF TIME AND THE CITY or 24 CITY, and get a ticket to any performance of the other film at this discount rate (tickets must be purchased at the same time): General Admission $7; Students $5; Members $4. (This discount rate applies to the second film only.)

First Chicago run!
2008, Terence Davies, UK, 74 min.

“A mesmerizing and eloquent essay...Terence Davies is England’s greatest living filmmaker.”--Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

“A deeply personal piece of art that never descends into the confessional or the therapeutic, and a work of social and literary criticism that never lectures or hectors, but rather, with melancholy, tenderness and wit, manages to sing.”--A.O. Scott, The New York Times

Acclaimed British filmmaker Terence Davies (DISTANT VOICES, STILL LIVES) merges memoir and city symphony in this valedictory visit to the vanishing Liverpool where he grew up gay, poor, Catholic, and movie-mad. The social history of postwar Britain--encompassing bomb sites, ballrooms, bonfires, beauty contests, Beatles, beach holidays, and beyond--forms the backdrop to this luminous tapestry woven from archival footage, poetry, pop songs, and Davies’s own resonantly sardonic/sepulchral voice. 35mm. (MR)

June 19--25
Fri., Tue. and Thu. at 6:15 pm;
Sat. at 3:00 pm and 6:45 pm;
Sun. at 5:15 pm;
Mon. and Wed. at 8:15 pm

Chicago premiere!

2008, Jia Zhang-ke, China, 107 min.
With Joan Chen, Lu Liping, Zhao Tao

“Amazing and intricately structured...one of the most original filmmakers working today.”--Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

“As far as I’m concerned, history is always a blend of facts and imagination.”--Jia Zhang-ke

Jia Zhang-ke has been called “the most important filmmaker in the world” (Stuart Klawans, The Nation). Like all Jia’s films, including PLATFORM, THE WORLD, and STILL LIFE, 24 CITY is about the massive upheavals sweeping contemporary China. The setting is Chengdu, a city in Southwest China where a venerable munitions factory is closing its doors to make way for a luxury high-rise complex known as 24 City. Jia interviews a cross-section of citizens caught in the crosshairs of change; his controversial twist is that some of the “real people” are composites portrayed by professional actors, including Joan Chen as a frustrated actress and Zhao Tao (star of THE WORLD and STILL LIFE) as a paid shopper for wealthy women. In Mandarin with English subtitles. 35mm. (MR)

June 19--25
Fri., Tue., and Thu. at 7:45 pm;
Sat. at 4:30 and 8:15 pm;
Sun. at 3:00 pm;
Mon. and Wed. at 6:00 pm

Chicago premiere!
Collin Souter in person!
2008, Collin Souter, USA, 90 min.

In the age of online shopping, cruising for a romantic hookup from the comfort of a laptop is just one of the avenues to love explored in this funny, poignant documentary on the perils of 21st-century dating. Obsessively watchable, BREAK-UP DATE plays more like a romantic comedy, following four Chicago singles through a minefield of blind dates, blind alleys, and one-night stands. Whether it’s Dating for Nerds, eharmony.com, craigslist, or the slightly creepy Cuddle Party, where adult strangers in pajamas pay for the privilege of hugging in group pile-ups, director Souter humorously gets to the heart of options for the unattached. Beta SP video. (BS)

Director Collin Souter will be present for audience discussion at the 8:15 pm show on Saturday.

June 26--July 2
Fri., Tue., and Thu. at 6:15 pm;
Sat. at 4:45 pm and 8:15 pm;
Sun. at 3:00 pm;
Mon. and Wed. at 8:15 pm

Chicago premiere!
Deirdre Timmons in person! See burlesque in the flesh!
2008, Deirdre Timmons, USA, 90 min.

“Serves up plentiful scenes of onstage tassel twirling and dud doffing…a sense of theatrics and nostalgic costumes that transcend the nudity.”--K.J. Doughton, FilmThreat.com

“Full of delightful surprises that uncover both the history of the art form and its modern day incarnation.”--Bitch Magazine

As timely as America’s newfound interest in the naughty old art of burlesque, A WINK AND A SMILE follows the progress of ten novices including a homemaker, a doctor and a taxidermist, who give themselves six weeks to transform into bare-it-all babes at Seattle’s Academy of Burlesque. Feminism meets the new eroticism as the women develop heightened body awareness while honing their graduation grinds under the tutelage of headmistress Miss Indigo Blue and her smoking-hot assistant Shanghai Pearl. The final show, in which each proud student unveils her stage persona, is priceless. DigiBeta video. (BS)

See burlesque in the flesh! Following the Friday screening, director Deirdre Timmons and Chicago's own burlesque queen Michelle L'amour will preside over the first public performance of Studio L'amour's latest graduating class. Performers making their debut on the Gene Siskel Film Center stage include: Kami Oh!, Ivy Fabulous, Vicky Sin, Elisa Purls, ZsaZsa Galore, Lana Bijou, and Lime Rickey. A very special performance by L'amour herself rounds out the program.

June 26--July 2
Fri. at 8:00 pm;
Sat. at 3:00 pm and 6:30 pm;
Mon. and Wed. at 6:15 pm;
Tue. and Thu. at 8:15 pm

Chicago premiere!
2008, Jeremiah Zagar, USA, 80 min.

“Abounds in visual pleasure.”--Nathan Lee, The New York Times

“As candid about familial madness as TARNATION, and captures more insight than those Friedmans did.”--Aaron Hillis, Village Voice

The fractured images of the monumental, colorful, fantastical mosaics of outsider artist Isaiah Zagar, which cover more than 100 walls and buildings in Philadelphia, become a metaphor for his life in this intense portrait by his filmmaker son, in a searing documentary that is no mere home movie. A 68-year-old unabashed hippie, Isaiah matter-of-factly recounts childhood molestation and adult bouts with madness and suicide. This life of chaos is anchored by his devoted wife Julia, soul-mate and muse; then the artist lets slip another revelation that will rip the family to pieces. DigiBeta video. (BS)

June 26--July 2
Fri. and Sat. at 8:15 pm;
Sun. at 3:15 pm;
Mon., Tue, and Thu. at 8:00 pm;
Wed. at 6:00 pm

Coming in July!

From the director of IN SEARCH OF MOZART

American premiere!
Exclusive Chicago run!
2009, Phil Grabsky, UK, 139 min.

“One of the finest movies about a great musician I’ve ever seen.”--Philip French, The Observer

July 10-August 6

Opening weekend--Phil Grabsky in person!

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