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Few places took performance art as seriously as RSG. There was absolute freedom to create the art you wanted to create. – Brendan deVallance
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Randolph Street Gallery
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What is Randolph Street Gallery?

Randolph Street Gallery (RSG) was an experimental, non-traditional, artist-run space in Chicago for over 20 years. Itís programming included, among other projects, visual art exhibitions, performance art, and community outreach programs. The gallery had a phenomenal impact on the art community of Chicago, spurning the careers of many artists to national and international recognition. To learn more about the very early days of RSG click "here".
What are the Randolph Street Gallery Archives?
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago obtained the archives of Randolph Street Gallery upon its closing, and subsequently made them part of Special Collections within the John M. Flaxman Library. They are currently stored off-site. The library is actively engaged in raising the funds needed to preserve and present the archives to the SAIC community and to the general public. Click on “footage” for a peek at the current state of the archives.