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The Roger Brown Memorial Rock House Museum, Beulah, Alabama

Full Circle, home to  Alabama

Brown knew his time was short. The 1224 Glenn Street project was realized on paper only, as he turned his attention to the Rock House, an 1870s stone building in Beulah, Alabama, about 15 miles from his parents’ home. Brown had loved this building since he was a child. He perhaps noticed it first when the family drove past it on their way to enjoy chicken dinners at a nearby restaurant. In his youth Roger documented the Rock House on super-8 film, and  years later, when he decided to come full circle and create a home, studio, and garden in Alabama,  he turned his sights to the Rock House. Although it was not for wale at the time, Brown nonetheless drew plans for the renovation of the building and began collecting furnishings: ceramic vessels, quilts and rugs, and examples of his own work for the Rock House. The owner eventually agreed to sell the building, and Brown purchased almost everything necessary for the renovation––washer, dryer, dishwasher, hardware, and many other things––shipping it all to his brother, Greg, in Montgomery.

Brown died on November 22, 1997, a few days before the Rock House real estate closing was scheduled. His parents and brother purchased the home and lovingly renovated the building, opening it as the Roger Brown Memorial Rock House Museum, on Brown’s birthday (November 10), 1999.


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