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Nicole Casi, Kassie Grossman, Eric May, Carolyn Moore, Jim Schneider, Daniel Chan, Alexis Hunt, Michele Liebowitz, David Hendren, Jeff Hubbard, Joanna Lewis, Kayo Takasugi, Gu min Lee, Brian Zimerle, Jin Kim, Rebecca Rakstad

Green Economics
With ever increasing gentrification in the Old Town, Lincoln Park and Cabrini neighborhoods more and more businesses are opening that are selling 'green' products. Markets that sell farm raised fish and shellfish, aroma therapy, hemp products and juice bars are opening continually. This pedestrian friendly neighborhoods warrants exploring. Housing is also booming in this neighborhood. A once blighted neighborhood is now ripe with new construction. While buildings in the Cabrini-Green Housing Project are being torn down and the residents scattered throughout the Chicago metro area, this 'prime real estate' is one of the hot spots for new high-end residential housing. Thirty percent is to be earmarked for affordable housing to allow for continued diversity in the neighborhood.

The closeness of the lakefront to this neighborhood makes it very pedestrian, bike, rollerblade and dog friendly. Because of the numerous resident dogs in the area there are kiosks that dispense free biodegradable baggies to insure clean streets.There are special doggie parks so pets can run free off the leash and socialize with others. Many high or mid-rise apartment complexes have landscaped openspace that is open to the public.

Culture and Design
North avenue was the northern-most boundary of Chicago at the turn of the century, consequently many historical features are still present, including the Historical Society and the Equestrian Stables where all the horses that line the 'Mag Mil'Õ are housed. There are several child-friendly parks and senior friendly housing units in this neighborhood. The preservation of open space within the urban fabric makes this neighborhood liveable for all ages.

Renewable Resources
Old Town is a neighborhood with a nice mix of old and new. There are several shops that deal in used tech items, such as CD's or computer software and hardware. The concept of repairing an item instead of planned obsolescence and purchaseing new is common with patronage to shoe repair shops, tailors and rental equipment centers. With regard to housing, in this neighborhood many old factories from a by-gone industrial era have been converted to private residences. Recycling the structures instead of building new whenever possible.

Toxic Hot Spots and Pollution Sources
There are several defunct industrial sites in this neighborhood and some still operating. The abandoned buildings are being converted to residential housing and there is a tug-of-war between industry and the fast growing residential development. We only found slight air pollution from a foundry in the neighborhood near the Cabrini location. With economic pressures moving fast, these industries and the jobs they provide will not last long.