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Ellamonique Greene

Draw Me a Man:
Determining Factors that Influence Masculinity Identification Among Adolescent African American Males in Residential Treatment

         Through the use of human figure drawing and self-report, this study examines factors that impact the concept of masculinity and identity as understood by African-American males, ages 11-15, who are living in a residential treatment center. Four factors influencing their development are examined: (a) mass media in the forms of television, movies, video games and magazines; (b) the presence or absence of family members; (c) social and cultural elements; and (d) community and environmental factors.

            This paper addresses the following questions: What have adolescent boys in residential treatment been socialized to believe are behaviors indicative of manhood? How do the boys’ drawn representations of men and their responses on the corresponding report form reflect their experiences of the media, their family, their culture, their environment and their community?

         The use of human figure drawings as a projective tool will be presented as will theories about the socialization of boys and masculine identity development. Special attention will be given to the identity development of African-American boys, as this is the ethnic background of the majority of the boys in this study.


          Ellamonique Greene graduated with a BFA in Painting in 2001 from Bowling Green State University. Ellamonique also studied Renaissance painting in Atelier Neo Medici, France; taught African American art history at Arkansas Baptist College; served as an artist-in residence at the Hearne Fine Art Gallery; and served as an intern at Rush North Shore Medical Center and Lydia Home Association.


Thesis Advisor: Terry Sweig, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Art Therapy

Thesis Reader: Barbara Fish, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Art Therapy

Second Reader: Alesia Montgomery, Education Trainer, Girls and Boys Town National Headquarters


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