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Jocelyne Adkins

Visual Arts Career Education: An Inquiry Into Theory &             Practice

         This thesis addresses the need for visual arts career education in art education. An overview of the literature concerning visual arts career education practice is presented and the theoretical framework for visual arts career education that is informed by critical theory is examined. Also considered is the shift in doctrine from fine arts to visual culture for its compatibility with visual arts career education.                

          A written questionnaire was utilized to investigate the current attitudes and practices of 26 Illinois high school art educators in light of their own educational, personal, and professional experiences with regard to visual arts career education. The information and data collected confirm the need for visual arts career education in art education. Further research regarding visual arts career education theory and practice is recommended.    


        Jocelyne Adkins received her BFA from St. Mary’s College in Indiana in 1990. While at SAIC, Jocelyne worked as a Departmental Specialist in Textiles at the Art Institute of Chicago, where she prepared objects for exhibition. Jocelyne is currently full-time faculty at IADT, Schaumburg, IL.


Thesis Advisor: Therese Quinn, Assistant Professor, Art Education; Associate Director, Center for Youth and Society, University of Illinois-Chicago

Thesis Reader: Larry Lesof, Instructor of Sociology, The International Academy of Design & Technology, Chicago

Second Reader: Michelle Taylor, Director of Evaluation & Performance Improvement, NRI Community Services, RI


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