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Every Picture Tells a Story tour

Every Picture Tells a Story
Artists, like storytellers, use their work to entertain, teach lessons, and record history. Some artists have a story in mind when they make art while others invite you to imagine your own.

Families in African Art tour

Families in African Art
Who are the people in your family? What ties you together? Discover the importance of family and loved ones as expressed in art from many cultures in Africa.

Gods and Heroes tour

Gods and Heroes
Discover Hindu stories of brave gods and heroes.

Marvelous Monsters and Beautiful Beasts tour

Marvelous Monsters and Beautiful Beasts
Become a detail detective and explore the art of the Renaissance. Discover some of the ways artists have used real and imaginary animals in their work.

Play Ball tour

Play Ball
Calling all sports fans! Throughout history, artists have shown ways to have fun, make friends, and stay healthy. As you walk through the galleries, look for art about your favorite game or sport.

When I Grow Up tour

When I Grow Up
What do you want to be when you grow up? Visit the galleries to see what five different people do for a living.