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Looking for a fun introduction to the Art Institute or a new way to explore the collection?

Looking for a fun introduction to the Art Institute or a new way to explore the collection? Browse 80 different themed mini-tours and download a PDF for your next visit.

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Please note: Works featured in past mini-tours may be off view due to gallery renovations or regular rotations of the museum's collection. Works in the most recent mini-tour are currently on view. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Mini-Tour PDFs

March 2011

Stories of princesses usually begin with “once upon a time” and end with “happily ever after,” with a few dragons, witches, and spells in between. Get a glimpse at both the fantastically real and really fantastic world of royal heiresses on this fairy-tale trip through the collection.

February 2011

Working in close collaboration, the museum’s curators, conservators, and conservation scientists often put a scientific spin on art, combining cutting-edge technologies and art historical knowledge to uncover artworks’ secrets. Delight in some of their discoveries in this revelatory trip through the collection.

January 2011

Optical illusions, tricks of the eye—there’s something delightful in being fooled by what we see, especially when we discover the truth behind the misperception. Enjoy a look beyond appearances with a few works in the museum’s collection that aren’t at all what they seem.

December 2010

Whether they’re humbly homemade or extravagantly expensive, warmly received or grudgingly given, presents often dominate this holiday season. So stifle your inner Scrooge and get in a generous groove with works that embody the season’s magnanimous mindset.

November 2010

It’s the time of the year when families gather and homecomings are rejoiced the world over. This year, the Art Institute joins in the celebration with a variety of its own holiday homecomings. Combine your festivities and ours with a family visit to a few of the wonderful works of art returning to new galleries this season.