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Looking for a fun introduction to the Art Institute or a new way to explore the collection?

Looking for a fun introduction to the Art Institute or a new way to explore the collection? Browse 80 different themed mini-tours and download a PDF for your next visit.

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Please note: Works featured in past mini-tours may be off view due to gallery renovations or regular rotations of the museum's collection. Works in the most recent mini-tour are currently on view. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Mini-Tour PDFs

September 2012

Every work of art deserves a careful viewing; you never know what you might discover. On this tour, you’ll be treated to wondrous little surprises and delightful discoveries, finding often overlooked details in this array of enchanting artworks.

September 2012

Whether you know it as the Windy City, the Second City, or the City of Big Shoulders, you're sure to enjoy the rich Chicago connections on this hometown tour of the museum.

July 2012

Throughout his career, Lichtenstein explored just about every art historical style—from Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism to Art Deco design—always transforming them into something completely his own. Connect the dots between Lichtenstein’s unique interpretations and works throughout the Art Institute’s vast collection with this mini-tour.

July 2012

From Dracula to Voldemort, good antagonists are so deliciously vile we simply love to hate them. Grab your black hat for this tour as we wend a wicked way through the galleries and visit some of the museum’s most egregious evildoers.

July 2012

Money, fame, adoring fans, and of course, hard and fast living—the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle can only be enjoyed (and survived) by a select few. Take a vicarious walk on the wild side with this rockin’ guide to the collection.