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Collection Updates

The Art Institute is an active lending institution that is additionally always trying to improve the experience of visitors. Periodically some galleries may be closed and works of art may be on loan to institutions around the globe. To ensure that your visit meets your expectations, please check the updates below.

Gallery Closures

Gallery 109, the ando gallery, will be closed October 17 and 18 for rotation of artwork.

Galleries 217A and 218 featuring paintings and prints of the late 18th and early 19 centuries will be closed October 10–21.

The arms and armor galleries (236–237) are currently closed as we expand our display of the art of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, including the arms and armor collection. The new galleries will open in March 2017.

Major Works Temporarily Off View

Grant Wood's American Gothic (1930)
Through summer 2017

Claude Monet's Water Lillies (1906)
Through December 2016

Vasily Kandinsky's Improvisation No. 30 (Cannons) (1913)
Through December 2016

Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Lunch at the Restaurant Fournaise (The Rowers' Lunch) (1875)
Through February 2017

Paul Gauguin's The Ancestors of Tehamana, or Tehamana Has Many Parents (Merahi metua no Tehamana) (1893)
Through May 2017

Paul Cézanne's Auvers, Panoramic View (1873/75)
Though May 2017

Claude Monet's Cliff Walk at Pourville (1882)
Through May 2017

Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Woman at the Piano (1875/76)
Through June 2017

Claude Monet's On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecort (1868)
Through July 2017

Robert Rauschenberg's Short Circuit (1955)
Through April 2018

If there is a particular artwork you're hoping to see on your visit, please check our online collection to make sure it is currently on view.