Studio Programs

Studio programs give student the chance to apply what they've seen in the galleries to a work of art of their own.

NEW! Mayor Richard and Maggie Daley School Studio Program

Art from Many Places Tour and Studio
Grades 3–12
Weekdays, 10:00–12:00

The Art from Many Places Tour and Studio allows students an opportunity to explore this year’s museum theme, Echo Effect. On the docent-led tour students will engage with works of art from the museum’s encyclopedic collection around ideas of artistic innovation and exploration. Following the tour they will work with a teaching artist in the studio to discover ways in which these ideas can be adapted, reproduced, or interpreted (i.e., echoed) in a hands-on project. Art from Many Places Tour and Studio experiences are for students in grades 3–12 and are gauged appropriately.

Daley School Studio Programs are supported by the Woman’s Board of the Art Institute and JPMorgan Chase