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Abbreviation key

AIC—Art Institute of Chicago
EH—Elizabeth Humes
FBH—Frank Brookes Hubachek
MD—Marcel Duchamp
MLR—Mary Louise Reynolds

Abbreviation key

AIC—Art Institute of Chicago
EH—Elizabeth Humes
FBH—Frank Brookes Hubachek
MD—Marcel Duchamp
MLR—Mary Louise Reynolds


Mary Reynolds Collection
Finding Aid Box Contents

Series I: Mary Reynolds Documents

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1.1  Mary Louise Reynolds Correspondence Letters to FBH, Bill and Aunt Sophie, and M. Leroy, from Hélenè Hoppenot. Also includes one postcard from MLR to FBH and several signed receipts. Personal observations on the war, life in occupied Paris, money being sent into occupied zone, references to friends and family members, telegrams during escape. (Correspondence from FBH to MLR and MD on the subject of sending money is in Series II, "Funds to Europe.")





1.2  Bookplates by Mary Hubachek made in Greenwich Village, New York. Twenty one prints (wood block? on paper).


c. 1916



1.3  Copies of MLR's business cards, MLR's French driver's license and other forms of ID, and a copy of MLR's obituary


11/28/45, 3/29/50, n.d.



1.4  Material on MLR obtained from the National Archives and Federal Bureau of Investigation, including interview and report of her escape from Europe and papers regarding her civil service employment.





1.5  "A Reporter at Large: The Escape of Mrs. Jeffries," three part article (based on MLR's escape) by Janet Flanner published in The New Yorker.


5/22/43,5/29/43, 6/5/43



1.6  Inventories of art objects and decorative arts from the Paris home of MLR, shipped to Chicago. List includes books, art, silver and household effects. Artists cited include: Calder, Duchamp, Villon, Man Ray, Tanguy, Ernst, Cornell and Cocteau.


c. 1951



1.7  Funds to Europe





1.7a  Funds to Europe





1.8  Funds to Europe





1.8a  Funds to Europe
Includes cables and letters to and from Walter Arensberg, Marcel Duchamp, Camilla Gage (sister of foreign correspondent Kathleen Cannell and friend of Mary Reynolds), Peggy Guggenheim, and Mary Reynolds, as well as a biographical letter of introduction for Mary Reynolds of her life in Paris written by Frank B Hubachek (FBH).

Letters, telegrams, postcards, accounting logs, and receipts. Describes strategies for transferring funds from the United States to Marcel Duchamp, Mary Reynolds and others in Europe. Great concern is expressed regarding the dangers of sending money into enemy territory; discussions regarding Mary's safety in Paris, her decision to remain behind enemy lines and her ultimate escape from Europe; letter from Hubachek to Art Institute of Chicago Curator of Prints and Drawings, Carl Schniewind asking for his assistance in bringing Mary back; plans for helping Duchamp obtain a visa to come to the United States.





1.9  Marcel Duchamp Correspondence
ALSs, TL (copy) to FBH, also includes a signed receipt to FBH, and TC of letter from MD to Peggy Guggenheim. (Cablegrams referring exclusively to money issues are in "Funds to Europe." Later MD correspondence in box 2, folder 6.)

Letters express concern for Mary's safety in occupied France; reference to Marcel's plans to obtain a visa to come to New York; discussion regarding funds being transferred to Europe. References made to Peggy Guggenheim, Walter Arensberg, and Alfred Barr.





1.10  Elizabeth Humes
[(EH) was an American Foreign Service Officer in Rome during World War II, and was a friend of Mary Reynolds.]

Letters between FBH and EH. Correspondence regarding EH's finances and recent retirement. FBH offers his financial advice.





1.11 Elizabeth Humes
Letters, inventory lists, and memos. Correspondence regarding a group of works, including Marcel Duchamp's Boite en Valise, that belonged to Mary Reynolds and were still in Europe. Letters discuss and plan their return to the U.S. and the donation of some objects to the Art Institute of Chicago.





1.12  Mary Reynolds Collection: Lucien Goldschmidt appraisal





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