Information for Home Owners

Starting Points

Book of Chicagoans: A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of Chicago

A.N. Marquis 1905-1917
The Book of Chicagoans is modeled on the Who’s Who in America series, but is limited to prominent men of Chicago and surrounding areas.
Library has 1917, 1936, 1941, 1945, 1950.

History of Chicago (3 vols.)

Alfred T. Andreas 1884-86
A history of the city of Chicago for the earliest period to the present time (1885). Includes biographical information of the prominent men of the time.

Chicago Blue Book 

Chicago Directory Co. (1890-1916)
Names and addresses of prominent residents arranged alphabetically and numerically by streets. Also a street directory and other valuable information. Does not claim to be either a City Directory or an absolute Elite Directory; but is simply a compilation of thirty thousand names of the most prominent householders of Chicago, and suburbs within a radius of thirty miles.
Library has 1904, 1980-1911, 1913, 1915, 1916.

Polk’s Chicago, Illinois Numerical Street and Avenue Directory (1928)

This directory includes, names of home and building owners, occupants, and occupations. Complete Street and Avenue Guide all streets are arranged alphabetically. Each street is described as to starting point, termination and relative position to other streets and landmarks. Arrangement is by numerical progression of all house numbers on the street with intersecting streets noted at their respective crossing points. In business blocks containing offices the occupants are listed by room numbers.When the name of a business is not self-explanatory the nature of the business is indicated. The profession and business of individuals and firms are stated at their place of business. To find the occupations of householders refer to the alphabetical list of Names.