General Chicago Histories

Starting Points

Chicago and its Makers

Paul Gilbert and Charles Lee Bryson (1929) 
This book is divided into four sections, which include a on the city and its founders, a section devoted to landmarks and other buildings, and two sections of biographies

Chicago: Growth of a Metropolis

Harold M. Mayer and Richard C. Wade 
This is the story of Chicago and its growth. In little over a century it rose from a mere frontier outpost to an urban metropolis. 

History of Chicago (3 vols.) 

Alfred T. Andreas 1884-86
A history of Chicago written in the 1880s. Includes biographical information of the prominent men of the time.

Chicago, 1910-29: Building Planning and Urban Technology 

Carl Condit (1973)

Chicago, 1930-70: Building Planning and Urban Technology

Carl Condit (1974)
In these two volumes Condit expanded his scope beyond the “Chicago School,” to cover other aspects of the physical city including urban planning and transportation. The bibliographies, arranged by chapter, include newspaper articles as well as traditional sources. 

The Chicago School of Architecture: A History of Commercial and Public Building in the Chicago Area 1875-1925 

Carl Condit (1964)
Traces the history of the Chicago School of Architecture from its beginnings with the functional innovations of William La Baron and others to their imaginative development by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright.

History of the Development of Building Construction in Chicago Frank Randall (1999)

An important reference work on Chicago building and development up to 1946. It includes an introductory essay, a detailed list of milestones in building construction, indexes to architects and engineers, buildings, and locations. It also includes a detailed bibliography.