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Exhibition History

The shows listed are special exhibitions, either selections from the Art Institute’s own collections, collections owned by other institutions or individuals temporarily on display at the Art Institute, or combinations of both. Rotations or new installations of the museum’s permanent collections are not included in this listing, however catalogues featuring these permanent collections are available in the archives.

An attempt was made to record the actual running dates of the exhibitions, based on a variety of archival sources. These dates may not always correspond with the dates printed in the catalogues, due to delayed openings, extended runs of the shows, cancellations or other changes after the catalogues were printed.

If no catalogue was printed for an exhibition, other relevant material may be available, such as checklists, invitations or prospecti, and photographs.

The number listed under the heading "Catalogues" refers only to the number of catalogues physically present in the archives department. Additional copies may be available in the Ryerson Library holdings. The information given in the column "Photographs" refers to Exhibition History Photograph Files which are available in the archives.

This listing is updated periodically, when additional exhibition catalogues are digitized. Last update: April 7, 2017.