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Catalog Records

Detailed catalog records for all project drawings can be accessed below. All records are in PDF format, and larger files have been noted. 

For more information about these records, please contact the Department of Architecture & Design at (312) 443-3949 ext 5.

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46 East Walton
60 W. Erie
312-318 W. Randolph Building
901 Club
1420 Lake Shore Drive Apartment

Affiliated Hospitals Center (1.4 mb, 126 pages)
Alexian Brothers, Bonaventure Waystop Housing
American Broadcasting Company
Apartment Building
Apartment Buildings
Astor Street Slum Rehabilitation
Astor Tower (1.5 mb, 57 pages)

Bayou Segnette New Community Development
Bayshore Towers
Beach Sky House
Bertrand Goldberg Associates
Biological Sciences Research Building
Birmingham Downtown Motel and Holiday Inn
Bistro, Le Restaurant
Blacksher Garden Apartments
Bragno, Edward, Mrs., Residence
Brownstone, The
Burns-Jackson Project

Carlyn Springs Club
Centerpoint Plaza
Central City
Centro Medico Association
Charles A. Dana Cancer Center (1.2 mb, 25 pages)
Chicago Crystal Palace
Chicago International Trading Company
Chicago West Side Medical Center
Church of All Nations
Clarendon Avenue School
Consulate of France
Cooper, R.D., Jr., Inc.
Cove, Allison Davis, Residence
Covenant Club

Dardanelle Middle School and Community Center
Dearborn-Goethe Project
Delaware-Seneca Building
Delousing Unit (Mobile)
Drew, E.F., and Company

Eastern Company Warehouse
Edelmann, E., and Company Addition
Edgewater Beach Hotel
Elgin State Hospital
Erie Project

Flagler Marina Complex
Florsheim, Lillian, Residence
Form and Philosophy
Furniture Design

Galleria South Houston
Garage Building
Garden Plaza
Gary Projects
Goldberg Residence
Goldberg, Lisa, Residence
Good Samaritan Hospital (1.6 mb, 68 pages)
Grand Marina Navy Pier
Grant Advertising Inc.
Gun Crate (Convertible)

Harms Glenview Homes
Harris Theater
Health Sciences Center (1.3 mb, 156 pages)
Helstein Residence
Highland Park Medical Arts Center
Hinsdale Hospital
Hinsdale Office and Health Care Park
Hoge, James, House Remodeling

International Center for Jazz

Jack-in-the-Box Restaurant
Jimmy Fund Building

Kirchheimer Residence
Kruesi, Frank, Residence

Lake Calumet Airport, Crescent Corridor
Lakeshore Grand Apartments
Levin Project (Marion Circle)
Levin, Leo, Residence
Levine, Dr. and Mrs. Rachmiel, Residence
Little Caesar Riverfront Development

Marina City (Chicago) (2.4 mb, 279 pages)
Marina City (Detroit)
MBD Ankara Hospital
McCutcheon, John T., School
McNamara Garage
Menninger Foundation Clinic
Metro Plaza
Michael Todd's European Theater
Motel 66
Motelo Cubano

National Bakers Service Inc.
National Opera House
Night World
North Kansas City Redevelopment
North Park College and Theological Seminary
Northwestern University, Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research

O'Neill, Andrew, Residence

Park City Project (1.4 mb, 45 pages)
Park Place Condominiums
Penicillin Lab (Mobile)
Perini Copley Plaza
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Pineda Island International Center
Playboy Club International
Players Club
Point Squanto
Prentice Women's Hospital (968 kb, 45 pages)
Pressed Steel Car Company
Providence Hospital (1.1 mb, 47 pages)

Ragland, William, Residence
Raymond Hilliard Center (1.2 mb, 26 pages)
River City (692 kb, 76 pages)
River City I
River City IA
River City II (1 mb, 113 pages)
River City III
River Park Project
RODI Properties
Roth, Sydney M., Apartment
Rush-Delaware Building

Saint Joseph Apartments
Saint Joseph Hospital (Chicago)
Saint Joseph Hospital (Tacoma)
Saint Mary's Hospital
Saint Rose's Residence
San Diego Theater
Selig, Lester, Apartment
Selwyn Theater
Seventh Day Adventist Church
Shalett Apartment
Sheldon Claire Corporation
Sketches (by Bertrand Goldberg)
South Side Project (48th and Drexel)
Southtown Land and Building Corporation
Spring Tower Apartments
Standard Fabrication Corporation
Standard Houses
Stanford Medical Center

Towne Tower
Trinidad, La

Unicel Prefabricated Freight Car
Unidentified (1.6 mb, 75 pages)
Union Building
United Packinghouse Workers
United States Air Force Academy
University of Cairo Hospital
University of Illinois Hospital

Walton and Seneca Building
Walton Gardens
Walton, Mark, Residence
West Palm Beach Civic Auditorium
Woodstock Public Library
Wright College (560 kb, 59 pages)

Yemen Modular Hospital