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Personal Papers

These records are from outside sources. They relate in some way to the history of The Art Institute of Chicago, to individuals closely associated with the institution, or the collections.

Similar materials with no AIC association have been transferred to the Ryerson and Burnham Archives of the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries.

  • Bartlett, Frederick Clay (1873-1953) (artist, teacher, donor, trustee)
  • Blake, Margaret Day (donor, trustee, founder of Woman's Board)
  • Chassaing, Edouard and Olga (artists, teachers)
  • Gardner, Helen (1878-1946) (teacher)
  • Halstead, Whitney (1926-1978) (teacher, biographer of Joseph Yoakum, 1886-1972)
  • Harding, George (1868-1939) (collector, founder of Harding Museum)
  • Schniewind, Carl (1900-1957) (curator)
  • Taft, Lorado (1860-1936) (artist, teacher)
  • Tyler, Alice Kellogg (1866-1900) (teacher)
  • Ufer, Walter (1876-1936) (artist)
  • Wade, Caroline (1857-1943) (artist, teacher)