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1972 News Releases

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January 4, 1972

Tall clock, 1912, Prairie School style, designed by George Grant Elmslie, acquisition made possible through the gift of Mrs. Theodore Tieken 235

January 17, 1972

AIC Director Charles C. Cunningham, resignation; announcement and remarks by AIC President Leigh B. Block; major challenges of Mr. Cunningham's tenure (1966-1972), excerpts from letter of resignation and biography note 236-238

January 19, 1972

AIC Chairman of the Committee on Goodman Theatre Stanley M. Freehling, statement on the Theatre and School of Drama; Kenneth M. Myers, appointed Goodman Theatre Managing Director; retirement of Mr. Reich, Producing Director and Head of the Goodman Theatre; Mr. Myers' biographical summary 239-241, 244-245

February 1, 1972

Photographs by Paul Caponigro, exhibition; comments by curator of Photography Marie Czach 242-243

Kenneth M. Myers, appointed Managing Director of the Goodman Theatre and AIC School of Drama, replacing Goodman Theatre Producing Director John Reich; announcement by AIC President Leigh B. Block; remarks by AIC Chairman of the Committee of the Goodman Theatre Stanley M. Freehling 239-241, 244-245

February 10, 1972

Anne Rorimer, appointed Assistant Curator of Twentieth Century Art; John David Farmer, appointed Curator of Earlier Painting; announcement by AIC Director Charles C. Cunningham 246

February 14, 1972

Junior Museum News Letter, current events and exhibitions 247

February 18, 1972

Photo-Eye of the Twentieth, traveling exhibition circulating by The Museum of Modern Art, N. Y.; comments by curator of Photography Marie Czach 248-249

February 22, 1972

The Sculpture of Joan Miro, retrospective organized by Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; comments by curator of 20th Century Art Department A. James Speyer; catalogue and venues 250-251

March 6, 1972

Acquisition of drawings by Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, gift of The Joseph and Helen Regenstein Foundation; history of the drawings 253-253

April 7, 1972

Braque: The Monumental Canvases, exhibition, works selected and catalogue written by Douglas Cooper 254, 280-281

April 18, 1972

Prints in the Twentieth Century: The Fourth Decade, Part IV from exhibition series 255

April 26, 1972

32nd Annual Exhibition of the Society for Contemporary Art; remarks by curator of 20th Century Art Anne Rorimer 256

May 8, 1972

Photographs by Wayne Sorce, exhibition 257

Acquisition of Art Deco side chair designed by Emille-Jacques Ruhlmann, purchase made possible by Elizabeth R. Vaughan Fund; Art Deco rug, gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Morse 258-259

May 11, 1972

70th American Exhibition, curated by A. James Speyer and Anne Rorimer of 20th Century Art Department; list of participants, jurors, curator's comments, catalogue 260-261

SAIC Fellowship Exhibition, works selected by faculty members; winners of fellowship awards 263-263

May 22, 1972

Mrs. James W. Alsdorf elected President of AIC Woman's Board succeeding Mrs. Robert Hixon Glore; other officers elected; Mrs. Leigh B. Block, appointed Chairman of Woman's Board Centennial Fund 264-265

June 6, 1972

Mahogany sideboard attributed to William Hook, Salem, MA, gift of Polly and Stanley Stone Foundation; silver tea service, gift of Mrs. Charles F. Batchelder 266-267

June 23, 1972

Junior Museum, events 268-269

July 11, 1972

Photographs by Jerry N. Uelsmann, exhibition 270

July 26, 1972

Small Bronzes from Chicago Collections, retrospective exhibition organized by AIC Decorative Arts and 20th Century Painting and Sculpture Departments; works on view; comments by exhibition curators John Keefe and Anne Rorimer 271-274

August 8, 1972

Films screening in conjunction with exhibition titled Small Bronzes from Chicago Collections 273-274

August 30, 1972

Pre-Hispanic Art from the Art Institute Collection, new gallery installation planned by curator of Primitive Arts Department Allen Wardwell, and designed by John Vinci and Larry Kenny 274

Women and Art, lecture series prepared by Celia Marriott 275

August 31, 1972

La Femme au Bain (Woman in the Bath) (1966), bronze sculpture by Jean Ipousteguy, acquisition made possible through Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Freehling Restricted Gift, Samuel Marx Purchase Fund, and anonymous donation 274-277

September 8, 1972

Acquisition of Clement Meadmore's Spiral (1971), steel sculpture presented to AIC by Montgomery Ward's in celebration of the Company's Centennial; remarks by Montgomery Ward President Edward S. Donnel and AIC President Leigh B. Block 278-279

September 20, 1972

Braque: The Great Years, exhibition, works selected and catalogue written by Douglas Cooper 254, 280-281

September 25, 1972

E. Laurence Chalmers, Jr., elected AIC Director at the Board of Trustees meeting, announcement by AIC President Leigh B. Block 282, 289-290

September 26, 1972

Sky Blue Pink, Junior Museum exhibition, works on view; concurrent exhibitions 283-284

October 25, 1972

Dutch Genre Drawings, exhibition organized by Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and International Exhibitions Foundation in Washington, D.C.; US and European venues; exhibition catalogue with introduction by Director of Rijksmuseum Dr. K. G. Boon; concurrent exhibition from Permanent collection in Prints and Drawings Gallery 285-286

November 7, 1972

Claes Oldenburg: Object into Monument, traveling exhibition organized by Barbara Haskell of Pasadena Art Museum, CA; catalogue 287-288

November 13, 1972

Meeting of AIC Board of Trustees, AIC By-Laws amendment, reorganization of Museum administrative structure; the position of AIC President of the Board of Trustees renamed Chairman of the Board of Trustees (Leigh B. Block); the position of the AIC Director renamed AIC President (E. Lawrence Chalmers); Associate Director John Maxon named Vice President for the Collections and Exhibitions; SAIC Director Donald J. Irving named Vice President for Academic Affairs; other positions renamed and eliminated; remarks by Leigh B. Block, E. Lawrence Chalmers, S. Norman Black, and Donald Irving 282, 289-290

December 11, 1972

Still Life: Lemons, Oranges, and Rose by Francisco de Zurbaran, loaned by The Norton Simon Foundation and shown at AIC; the painting provenance 291

December 14, 1972

Junior Museum, Christmas film festival 292

December 15, 1972

AIC Centennial Fund Drive, announcement on the Campaign results by AIC Chairman Leigh B. Block and Centennial Campaign Chairman Charles C. Haffner III; Museum expansion and renovation program 293