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Affiliated Organizations

  • Society of Decorative Art, 1877-1894
  • Antiquarians of the Art Institute, 1894-1908
  • Antiquarian Society, 1908+
  • Architecture Society, 1983+
  • Friends of American Art, 1910-1945
  • Friends of the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries, 1984+
  • Society for Contemporary American Art, 1940-1967
  • Society for Contemporary Art, 1967+
  • Woman's Board, 1952+
  • Art Rental and Sales Gallery, 1954-1980
  • Goodman Theatre

The Goodman Theatre and the Goodman School of Drama was part of the School of the Art Institute from its founding in 1925 until 1978, when the school became a part of DePaul University; it was called the DePaul/Goodman School of Drama until 1985, when the name was changed to The Theatre School, DePaul University.

The Goodman records in the Art Institute archives consist of printed matter from between 1925 and 1948, primarily programs of performances, including those of the Children's Theatre and Goodman School of Drama students, and miscellaneous related items such as sample tickets and broadsides; calendars; publicity, and subscription information.