Related Exhibitions

Undressed: The Fashion of Privacy

June 22–September 29
Galleries 124–127
Through nearly 120 drawings and prints, as well as select paintings, photographs, and materials from the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries, this exhibition explores the connotations of informal dress and undress in intimate, private circumstances, presenting the fascinating flip side to the very public face of high fashion.

Africa Wrapped, Robed, Beaded

May 26–October 6
Gallery 137
This special presentation of works in the Art Institute’s collection highlights six forms of status dress from Africa. Each wrapped, robed, or beaded example features a lavish use of materials that emphasize status through dazzling display.

Fashion in Antiquity

June 26–September 22
Galleries 150–154
In antiquity, one’s clothing, hairstyle, and jewelry not only expressed individual status and identity but also told the story of a wider network of trade and travel in the Mediterranean world. Explore the nuances of dress and textiles in Greek vase painting; the elaborately constructed coiffures of the Roman Empire; and the glittering adornment in Byzantium.

Fashionable French Farce

Through October 15
Galleries 223A and 225A
Caricaturist Honoré Daumier was in his element with the fashion foibles of the
1850s, while Félicien Rops skewered Parisian art and couture of the 1880s. This special rotation of Rops’s etchings and Daumier’s lithographs ranges from corset voyeurs and vengeful fashionistas to crinoline skirt parachute parodies.

Fashion Plates: 19th-Century Fashion Illustrations

July 2–September 9
Ryerson and Burnham LIbraries
The 19th century’s version of today’s high-gloss fashion photography—woodcuts, engravings, and other mechanically reproduced illustrations—sheds light on the history
of women’s dress. Please note: The libraries are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.