African Art
American Art before 1900
American Modern Art, 1900-1950
American Decorative Arts, 1920-1970
American Folk Art
Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Art
Architectural Drawings
Architectural Fragments
Architecture and Design
Arms and Armor
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Art
Contemporary Art after 1960
Contemporary Art, 1945-1960
European Art before 1900
European Modern Art, 1900-1950
European Decorative Arts
Film, Video, New Media
Indian and Islamic Art
Indian Art of the Americas
Indian, Southeast Asian, and Himalayan Art
Paperweight Collection
Photography, Modern Wing
Prints and Drawings
Thorne Miniature Rooms
Family, Picture Book, and Touch Gallery

PATHFINDER© was envisioned and commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago to premiere at the opening of the museum’s Modern Wing in May, 2009.

PATHFINDER helps visitors discover and locate a wide variety of artworks on display as well as exhibitions, daily events, and visitor amenities.

Both the on-site and web versions of PATHFINDER were designed and produced by a team including Slate Roof Studio, AvantLogic Corporation, and the Art Institute. For more information, please contact:

Art Institute of Chicago
111 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60603

Slate Roof Studio
Designers of interactive media

AvantLogic Corporation
Makers of MapsAlive® interactive map software