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Objects of Desire: Victorian Art at the Art Institute of Chicago

Vol. 31, no. 1
Spring 2005

Table of Contents:
Gregory Nosan 
List of Contributors 
Martha Tedeschi and Gregory Nosan 
“Where the Picture Cannot Go, the Engravings Penetrate”: Prints and the Victorian Art Market 
Martha Tedeschi 
Telling Stories in the Gothic Vein: William Burges and the Art of Painted Furniture 
Ghenete Zelleke 
Conserving the Art Institute’s “Sideboard and Wine Cabinet” 
Emily Heye 
True to the Senses and False in Its Essence: Still Life and Trompe l’Oeil Painting in Victorian America 
Judith Barter 
Unpainted Masterpieces: The Drawings of Edward Burne-Jones 
Debra N. Mancoff 
From the Manor House to the Asylum: The George Cowper Album 
Douglas R. Nickel