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Notable Acquisitions at the Art Institute of Chicago

Vol. 21, no. 1
Spring 1995
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Table of Contents:

A Pastel Study for The Death of Sardanapalus by Eugène Delacroix 
Andrea Swanson Honore 
Raphaelle Peale’s Strawberries, Nuts, &c.: A Riddle of Enlightened Science 
Annie V. F. Storr 
Color Plates 
Luca Giordano’s Abduction of the Sabine Women 
Larry J. Feinberg 
A First or Second Empire Terpsichore 
Christa C. Mayer Thurman 
From the Hand of Mies: Architectural Sketches from the Collection of A. James Speyer 
Pauline Saliga and Robert V. Sharp